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  1. Sweet. Thanks 2 hours away
  2. Heading out to Cross lake for 4 days of multi species fishing trip, We plan on hitting Otisco lake today before checking into our place,Never fishing for Tigers before and never been on that lake, ,So if anyone has some tips were to stArt and what to throw. It would be really helpful ,We are very respectful to the fish and practice 100 percent CPR (catch photo release), Totally exited
  3. Those look like original floaters if so I'd be interested in them
  4. Wanted

    Catskillbob pm"D me they don't are not the size he is looking for . if anyone is interested in these 2 gimbals let me know . I'd be will to do a trade.... I need spoons, line counter combos, dual. planer mast .... if anyone is interest Lmk I also have a manual down-rigger it's a uni- troll Extendable boom I messed it Up trying to fix the spool wire wrap.'So it would be a handy man special. . It's a newer model the got spool wrap I failed putting it back together. I'm sure theirs bunch of you guys could fix it blind folded
  5. Wanted

    If it doesn't work out with rusty... Mine are collecting dust.
  6. Wanted

    I have 2 that I don't use. I can take a pic when I get home Keri
  7. For Sale : USA

    I'm sorry can you hold off I think I'm confused the unit I want usually goes for five $600 and it transmits back up to lwith the speed in temp
  8. For Sale : USA

    I'll buy it
  9. For Sale : USA

    Can I buy it? That seems like an awesome deal.. Dumb question because it's so cheap is this everything I need to have speed and temp? If so I would love to purchase it
  10. Great price. I'm i. The market for a dual mast that plugs into a seat base that you for the reply
  11. I'm interested. What type of base does it have? Any pics
  12. Sold / Closed

    Awesome boat. This is off topic. But did u order the stand up enclosure? I'm asking because I have a Starcraft also and would love to purchase 1 for my boat