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    Sorry, I forgot to mention the location, I'm in Ransomville, NY 14131
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    1988 Sylvan Center Console 16SMC 16' & Trailer Evinrude 48SPL 2 stroke mix (1990) Lowrance 520C GPS Humminbird Matrix 37 fishfinder 2 Deep Cell Batteries ProSport Battery Charger/tender Pedestal Seat MotorGuide 46lb. trolling motor All new wiring, fuse box Downriggers, poles, tackle...
  3. Thanks for the link to the NADA site. That price seems very low. I've got more than that into the wiring, batteries, battery tender, pumps and plumbing... hum....
  4. Thx... I've already got the fever, but it was cured by the "I'm Broke Blues" [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  5. Thanks for the advice... I'm hoping to move it all. [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  6. I don't have photos at this time, but I'm trying to get it done by the weekend. Does anyone think I'd be better off parting out the electronics and tackle then selling the boat stripped? Thanks, Dave
  7. I'm selling off my boat and fishing gear, and I'm trying to get a feel for a fair selling price. I'm hoping to get $4250.00, but the market will guide me... Here are the details of the boat: 1988 Sylvan Center Console 16SMC 14' & Trailer Evinrude 48SPL 2 stroke mix (1990) Lowrance 520C GPS Humminbird Matrix 37 fishfinder Marine Radio 2 Deep Cell Batteries ProSport Battery Charger/tender Pedestal Seat 46lb. trolling motor 2 manual downriggers 5 Rods/Reels Big tackle box filled right up... Vests/Paddle/Nets/Anchor/Hull Savers/All required emergency gear...and more Oh yea, I rewired the entire boat, added a fuse box used all new marine switches, put all new pumps and hose. It's virtually a brand new boat on the inside. Everything on it is marine grade, best quality. The only thing I didn't fix 100% is the live well, but it's got a brand new pump and hose. It's stored inside and winterized every year by the marina near me...(Ransomville, NY) I don't have pics right now, I wasn't planning on selling (I'll spare you the sob story) Let me know if there's any interest, or advice on price. Thanks, Dave Cox [email protected]
  8. Billy, Thanks for the pic. Nice fish btw. I just got my downriggers mounted at 11PM last night. They are about 1 1/2 foot from the aft corners on the top rail. There was already 2 rod mounts a foot in front of that location so I should be able to run 2 rods on each downrigger or 2 downriggers and 2 dipsys. Thanks for the help, Dave
  9. Shane, That sounds like a good plan for me to try. I'm really looking forward to trying this out. Dave
  10. Spike, That makes a lot of sense - *note to self* - I don't want the wire near the prop. I can't tell you how helpful this forum is. I was just lucky to find it before I went out the first time. Thanks, Dave
  11. Thanks for your help. I'll post one tonight when I get home. It has an outboard, and 2' of covered area directly in front of the transom that has the tank and batteries.
  12. Thanks Bill, The boat has a speedometer on it with a lever arrangement on the transom. I'll eventually get a sub-surface probe for better setups, but you go fishing with the rig you got, not the rig you want... What is the downside to mounting the downriggers a foot or so from the transom on the top of the rails? It'd be quite a stretch to get to them if they're on the transom...Is there an advantage to a transom mount vs. side mount I'm just oblivious to? Thanks, Dave
  13. Dapper Dan, Thanks for the clarification. I've been gleaning as much as I can from the boards, they are a wealth of information. I'm impressed by the sportsmanship/camaraderie of the trollers on this forum. I'm glad that there are people who are willing to share with new blood. As with any outdoor game, much of the fun is learning and being out-doors. Thanks again, Dave
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