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  1. Mike: Thanks again for the great trip! That is one SWEEEET ride LTTroller: You cn have that seat, I'll take the other side
  2. Started out of North launch about 5:45 last evening, wife and dinner on board, headed out for pannies. Set up in 25 - 30 FOW between Deep Run and Thendara, tossing worms from the back yard below slip bobbers about 12 - 15 feet deep. Caught a decent number of fish, but nothing exciting. Went to the bottom, drop shot style with Stand-Out hook about 18" from bottom. They liked that! Had to make a run to the City Pier to pick up daughter @ 8:00; then went out 1/2 way to Deep Run and found the shelf from 55 - 25 FOW. Caught a few more decent keepers. Headed back around 10:00 pm. The keep was 3 huge rock bass, 6 FAT perch (over 11"), and 8 thick 'gills. Probably threw back 3 times that many.
  3. Seager Marine sells a nice, laminated map that has countours and areas of interest for fishing. Here is the DEC's basic map. http://www.dec.ny.gov/images/regions_images/canandai.gif
  4. Good job, Mike! Glad the wife went with you Sunday. Give me a shout if you want to hit it this next weekend and she wants to sleep in.
  5. Fished with wife this evening. Launched from marine park around 7:00 pm; fished off Yacht Club in 25 FOW. Caught 4 nice 'gills, 2 decent perch and wife landed a personal best crappie ( fat 10" fish, but she hasn't caught anything over 7" before that). Moved around, and even threw out the wire dipsey for a short troll around dusk, but having Lowrance problems, so I couldn't figure out where the fish were. :evil: Came home around 10:30; not an exciting night, but it was a nice evening with the wife ( kids at work )
  6. Nice ride! She'll be a fish-catching machine, I am sure.
  7. Glad you are back out. How about a pic of the new ride??
  8. Took the wife and in-laws out for a little panfishing yesterday evening. Left launch at 5:30 pm, ate dinner on our way out. Fished west side, catching a few sunnies and some nice perch in 15 - 30 FOW on worms & fatheads. Moved to middle of lake near north end in 15 FOW and caught a few more, then the wife's bobber disappeared. This SMB jumped 3 times and took her 10 minutes to land. Forgot the regular boat net, just had my little one in the boat and it filled it! Weghed in @ 3 1/2 pounds, snapped photos, and released to fight again. Beautiful evening to be out on the lake.
  9. 10 times is a low estimate. Hope to have a pic of him up later this evening, holding 'the one that didn't get away'. Had a good time with some great guys. Hope to get back out on the Big O soon.
  10. Boat still in for service, and my parents are in town from Ohio for daughter's graduation. Sorry.
  11. Fromthe DEC website: Finger Lakes: Brown trout, rainbow trout, lake trout, landlocked salmon All year 15" except 9" for rainbow trout in Owasco Lake and Skaneateles Lake and 18" for landlocked salmon in Cayuga Lake 5 in combination (catch shall include no more than 3 lake trout or 3 landlocked salmon) Ice fishing permitted
  12. Went out of north end this morning with FLXTroutman. Started trolling aroun 5:45 am near the Yacht Club. We went 4 / 4 on lakers with the green flies/flashers catching the fish. Couple of nice lakers ( 1 @ 25", 1 @ 23") along with 2 smaller ones. Marked a few bait balls as we moved around. Headed in at 7:45 with a fairly heavy cooler. Great morning to be out with good people.
  13. Best I've found is a brick wrapped in foil, seasoned with Cajun seasoning. Same recipe, eat the brick, throw away the fish! :shock:
  14. So I guess the boat hasn't sold yet. PM me some time if you want to hook up on a weekend!
  15. Thoughts are with you from the family.
  16. Yes, they will work on Canandaigua Lake. I'd try the 8" flashers to start with; I have seen some fish taken that way. Good Luck!
  17. My wife's cousin jigs up a lot of lakers on Keuka using a large (3/4 ounce I think) silver Buckhot spoon. Same technique, drop to bottom, jig it up a couple feet, let it back down. Only hooked 1 myself jigging, used a BPS Strata spoon (1 ounce), so I am definitely no expert.
  18. TT: If you are just 1 person short for a trip, let me know; I'll gladly jump on to share the cost.
  19. Nice catch! When the catch is like that mixed bag, kinda hard to NOT fall in love with a fishery.
  20. About 4 other boats running round the South end. We didn't go very far North, it was chilly, and they had predicted rain by 10; so I am not surprised that there were not more out there.
  21. Went out of the Woodville launch @ 0500 today with FLX Troutman. Trolled up and down both east and west shores, even straight up the middle. One nice 3 # Brownie near first light on a green-themed spoon on the downrigger, that was IT! Had a great time, but there was nothing moving. Came in about 0930 so he could go to work with no more hits or knock-offs. Still a beautiful morning, although a little chilly.
  22. At the North end is the Canandaigua Lake State Marine Park, on Lakeshore Drive just south of 5 & 20. It is a very easy place to launch, and I would imagine it would be really easy for a kayak. You need an Empire Passport for financial reasons, $ 59.00 for a year per vehicle, otherwise it's $ 6.00 every time you enter. The good thing is that the Passport is good for all state parks.
  23. I am wanting to try, but I have not been able to get out much this year and learn how to fish for them (just moved here last year).
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