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  1. Anyone fishing out of the greater Rochester area this Sunday morning who needs another body to pull in fish or lines, I would love to help (I will enter the derby if I go out!!) Do not have any appropriate tackle or experience with Salmon, just a willingness to learn and a desire to get my big fish fix (been too long since I had a rod doubled over with the drag screaming)
  2. Don't know, as I am new to trolling as well. But, check out this web site: http://attheoak.com/landmark.html for landmarks and place names on Lake Ontario. Others on this site will be able to help with other things, I am absorbing as much as I can, hoping to get out next year for salmon. Good Luck!!
  3. fireplug


    A little late, but have you considered the cheap approach, the trolling bucket?? Made some for my boat, then the motor died before I could try them out. My boat trolls at 2.7+ on GPS just in gear, so I thought I'd try these babies. Hopefully I can report on them soon. The pics you see are from a guy in Maine from myfishfinder.com who uses them for just your reason. Can keep his RPM's up w/o having to use a kicker. Good luck.
  4. Went out this morning with FLX Troutman on Canandaigua Lake. Trolled around from 0530 until 0900, we landed these 4 Lakers. Had a few others that popped the riggers and / or the dipseys, but nothing was there. Have to ask FLXTroutman about depths, lures, etc... all I know is I had a great time, caught my first Laker, and am saving for a couple of wire Dipsey Rods, Flashers and Flies (after I get the boat fixed). Thanks for the great trip, Mike!
  5. Thanks, I might give it a try next week if the temps stay screwy.
  6. My wife's uncle owns a cottage at the South end of the lake, and her cousin catches a ton of lakers. Usually by jigging a Buckshot Rattlin Spoon, silver and green tints being most popular colors. My 14 y/o son even caught a 5 lb. Laker that way a few weeks back.
  7. Since the boat is dead right now :x and I do not know anyone who needs a rookie out on the lake, can anyone tell me a good spot to possibly catch a salmon or one of those big browns from shore near Rochester (and what bait to try). Gambler advised in the spring that the Rochester Pier was pretty good with stickbaits for brownies, is that still true, or am I SOL??
  8. Thanks for your input. Was out catching huge 'gills on Honeoye today, and the motor blew up on me :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: ; so I guess Lake O might have to wait until next year after all. O.K., I guess 'blew up' is a strong statement. Overheated, started smoking and died is more descriptive. Hopefully, I still have some friends at the marina.
  9. Picking up 1st downrigger tomorrow, had some questions that I know can be answered on this board. I might make it out to Lake O yet!!!! Do you leave a fluoro leader attached to your spoons, so you can change the flashers, put a snap on the leader at the spoon end to change the spoons, or snap/swivel everything so it is all modular? Shoud I buy some spoons, flies, bait heads, or a little of all? Where is the best launch point driving in from south of Rochester for an 18' deep v boat? I read the report about grounding out in Braddocks, do not want to do that! Should I respool my trolling rod with 17# line if I go after Salmon? It has 12# on it now. Finally, would 20# fluoro be enough for a leader material, like Vanish. (Can buy it in 300 yd spools) I have some 12# and it works fine on Canandaigua Lake, but we are talking a much bigger fish if I make it out to Ontario. I have another rod that I will use a Dipsey on (no wire yet); so as to spread my offerings out. Thanks in advance!
  10. Glad your family had a good time. Next time you head out this way, give me a shout. I live only 1 mile from the lake, maybe we can hook up.
  11. Nice fish. Had hoped to get out to do some Salmon fishing this year, looks like I'll have to live vicariously through you guys until next year.
  12. Sounds like a good trip with decent fish, Gambler. Any time you need a 4th for a full boat, send me a PM
  13. Ray, If you want to try fishing Seneca or Canandaigua with 1 more body on board, send me a PM I am not working right now and available for fishing assistance
  14. Lost? No, not really. Waited in Ohio for my wife (grew up in Rochester) to move to Ohio and meet me so we could move to NY.
  15. Name's Fireplug, live in Canandaigua. Mainly fish there from the "Little Bear", an 18' Starcraft Holiday , with occasional trips to Canadice with my canoe. Grew up near Dayton, Ohio, not much fishing there. I have fished and hunted for most of my 40 years on this planet. Mainly been catching Smallmouth Bass, Perch and 'gills, but I am trying to learn trout fishing from a boat as my previous experience with these tasty morsels has been from small mountain streams in Wyoming or little creeks in Michigan. Hope to learn a bunch from this site. Take care, hope to see you out on the H2O.
  16. Moved here from the Dayton, OH area. Spent the past 15 years as a 'garbage collector' (police officer) near Dayton. Wife had a chance to be part of management team for a new facility her company bought here in the Finger Lakes, and I was tired of being spit on, kicked, shot at, etc..., so we moved.
  17. Hello. I moved to NY in January, and am hoping to try fishing in Lake Ontario soon. I live in Canandaigua, NY, and fish out of my 18' Starcraft Holiday with a 120 HP Mercruiser. I have no downriggers or planer boards (yet). I do have a couple of Dipsey's and Jet Divers, and a handful of salmon spoons that I picked up over the years. I include this information as I ask for any advice on where to put the boat in, how far would you recommend going out, and is the time of day really that important on the big lake? I am not asking for your secret spots, I know better than that I have fished a lot, but nothing as big as Ontario, so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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