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  1. becks

    Boat Foam

    Hello. I have a rivited aluminum boat that formed a couple of cracks on the hull. I removed all the "insides" of the boat including the foam that is on the inside of the cracks so that I can get it welded. What I'm not sure about is what foam product to use to replace the foam that I removed. The old foam was wet, slimy and simply a mess so I'm not going to reuse that foam. Thanks in advance for the info and advice! -Mike
  2. Thanks Guys. How big of a crack is too big for JB Weld?
  3. Hello - I have a 17 foot aluminum boat and I recently noticed a crack that is seeping water. I had it on the water over the weekend and had to bilge it a few times, so when I got home, I filled it up with water and found a crack in the passenger side of the hull, more towards the front of the boat. It's a couple of inches long. I'll get a picture uploaded later but it might be hard to see. I'd like to hear what people think is the best way to fix this? Right now, I only trailer it, but I was hoping to leave it in the water at various time during the summer. Thanks in advance for all the help! -MIke
  4. becks

    Lake Alice

    Anybody have any experience ice fishing Lake Alice? My folks have a cottage on that lake and I was going give at try but I'm not sure where to start. Their cottage is at the south end, opposite end of the damn. Thanks!
  5. Hello, I recently acquired 2 Penn Fathom Master 620 downriggers but they did not come with a base. I'm trying to find a base, swivel or otherwise that will fit these riggers. All that I could find online are discontinued. Does anybody have any thoughts on where I can get 2 bases for these? Or does anybody know of a universal base that will work with these downriggers? Thanks! -Mike
  6. See all the details at http://boat.becksout.com All reasonable offers will be considered. -Mike
  7. Thanks Robert. One more quick question. Can you confirm that the daily limit is no more than 3 lakers per angler and the minimum length is 15 inches? Thanks again.
  8. I'm heading to Keuka Lake this weekend (6/26 - 6/29). We will be fishing out of a pontoon boat; mainly still fishing with saw bellies, no trolling. I'm looking for advice on location, depth and rigs for this type of fishing. Thanks in advance and I'll post pictures next week. -Mike http://becksoutdoors.com
  9. Due to an addition to the family which has resulted in lack of usage, I am reluctantly selling my boat. All information can be found at http://boat.becksout.com Here's a quick run down: 26' Wellcraft, 260 Aft Cabin. 260 Horse V8 Mercruser. Dual axle trailer. All sorts of "boat" stuff included. Fishing stuff included: - 2 manual cannon downriggers with rail mount. - 2 planner board masts and 2 planner boards - 2 Rods and reels with line counters - 2 cannon balls - Rod holders etc... Send me an email at [email protected], send me an IM, or call me at 217-7253 and if nobody answers, please leave a message. I'll be sure to call you back ASAP.
  10. What brand of wire do you guys prefer? Thanks!
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