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  1. I don't care for Convectors on wire rods. Any slack and the wire goes between the spool and frame requiring disassembly to fix. They work great for short cores, copper and mono, even braid. Love the handles - I put Convector handles on my AD+ and LC47s.
  2. Try TJ Amato. He has a lot of the old data. Contact info is on his web site. http://pennyanboats.com/
  3. I used 89 ethanol for a couple of seasons when the Marinas stopped carrying ethanol free. I used treatment with most every gallon. My boat died on the lake this summer and I was towed 7 miles back to dock. The entire fuel system from tank outlets to the carb required replacement (including carb rebuild). All lines, pump and seals were eaten up by the alcohol. 97 Penn Yan 28 footer with a 350. Perhaps my fuel system is as alcohol friendly as mine now but, once bitten, twice shy!
  4. I fished the lake and river as hard as normal and, caught less than 10% of last year's catch. In 30+ days on the lake, I caught fewer than 30 mature kings. I thought they would eventually show up in the SR but, I caught fewer in the whole season than I did last year in a normal day. I had to go to smaller streams to find good numbers of kings this year. Don't know what happened - flood of 2010, cold winter, invasive species??????? Maybe we have a well hidden population of seals eating all the fish.
  5. Yeah, I learned bout those danged sand fleas at Parris Island in 76. Try blousing yer trousers.
  6. I don't spend money on top-shelf swivels for this application. Dipsies don't spin.
  7. Crimp not needed. Double the line on itself and tie an overhand knot, making a loop an inch or two big. Attach a large snap swivel to the loop and you are done. Snog down the knot, clip the tag end.
  8. Freespirit, should have moved west where I told you we were on Saturday. Had good fishing for this time of year. 7 for 10 or so each morning, mostly mature kings, with 1 or 2 lakers each day. 150-250 fow, 80-100 down (100 was best). Spoons and FF but, FF better. 400 and 450 coppers were hot, mag dipsies at 200 on setting 1.5, #1 dipsies setting 2.5 out over 300.
  9. I seem to get 1 about every 2 years on the Lake. They are always different. This one is a very nice sample. I saw the one caught out of Mexico Bay 3 or 4 years ago. That one was 34 lb (Red Line if I recall??). It was tested by State biologists since it was up for the State coho record. It was a beautiful fish, record or not. I was given a 29 lb Kingho 2 years ago by someone who prefered a smaller fish for the table. I've caught a fair number in the rivers. I don't know if they are sterile or not but, they do make the runs and do transmogrify. They stand out in a crowd and have unusual patterns. I've caught several that looked like dog salmon.
  10. Mag dipsies MUST BE deployed slowly. If not, they WILL twist the line around themselves. You can see this for yourself by letting one go back quickly at the surface. You can see the nose turn towards the bottom when you release tension.
  11. Counting the catch and release poundage, about 4 cents per pound last year. Counting what I kept, about $2 per pound.
  12. 500 miles round trip. I do this 20 times a year for the lake and the rivers.
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