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  1. Fished this morning with a fairly slow start with 2 hits the first 1 1/2 hour, landing a king loosing the 2nd. Then it turned on and we did good til around 9:30 then it died off. We decided after hours of washing lures with only one more fish to switch to eyes. Fired a double and landed the first eye lost the 2nd. Then a sheep head gave us a tussle but got him after a bit. Then a huge king hit the husky and took off like a rocket. Almost Spooled me to the point where I needed to thumb the line. He broke off somewhere between the board and the rod. We cleared rods and were searching for the board that we spotted after a while. After chasing it down he had to much momentum to hand line with 10llb floro and broke us off. I at least got my board back. That ended it for us and the sun was brutal at this point so we called it. We ended the day with a great variety of fish, Kings, 3 Cohos, a Steelhead, walleye and a Sheep. Surprised we didn’t hit a bass or laker but really didn’t target them. All in All a fun day.
  2. Thanks, was happy about it for sure. Over the years any placing fish I’ve boated was when I had non loc people fishing with me, it’s happened to much to where last year I said, that’s it.....if the LOC is going you better buy the ticket cause you never know. Here is my biggest brown I ever caught and would you know I had one person without the LOC in the boat, lol Great fishing on your part in the nasty weather, looks like everyone is having fun for sure. Nice looking fish!!
  3. Yes sir it is, we were in 5th but got knocked down to 7th. Will see if it holds today Thanks Rusty
  4. Got a nice fish today, went around 1:30 and it finally started laying down, we had to pull shortly after to get to Henchens LOC scale before 5:00
  5. Rusty, I went through that area coming back from walleye fishing and they are definitely Browns and lots of them.
  6. Actually Maybe that was him, it’s Blue up through the middle now that I think about it
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