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  1. For info on BOQ go to http://forum2.quintefishing.com it's the best forum I found for good report on the subject.
  2. Hi Brian, just curius about your average speed when you fish for Brown?
  3. Hi Keith, when I set up my wire rods I use a small scotty rigger clip just in front of the reel so the wire stays tight on the spool. Then like said above, with the clicker on, loose the drag enough so the divers gets out slowly to it's depth and you will be fine.
  4. Awesome post. I've been a member of LOU for a couple years only and this season seems to be very good for big browns.
  5. Well Yankee Troller you really know how to find and hook those big browns
  6. I've had mine for three years and never had that problem. Obviously yours weren't sealed properly. Don't remember the cannon warranty but If I had to put money on my mag 5 I'd rather put that money on magnum-metalz.
  7. Very nice place, I fished lac Hebert about 10 years ago. We had to drive to Clova and than take a flight in a beaver for about 45 mins. All the camps are on an island. We were there for a week and every single day we were landing walleye after walleye, lots of pike too.
  8. Sorry nickyhoyboy I didn't want to interrupt your post. I have two cannon magnum 5 and they're not smooth at all. I would like to change them for models with different speed options or at least the slow start and finish when moving the weight.
  9. The only thing I didn't understand about the spec is ''and a liquid smooth clutch which eliminates need for auto stop''
  10. I looked at those couple weeks ago and was wondering about the quality. They look like traxstech and cisco but much cheaper.
  11. Actually I got that on a forum called ''spoonpullers'', should have told you that on the first massage. It covers more the canadian side of lake Ontario. Lots of info from Port Dalhousie west to Hamilton north to Toronto and east to Oshawa. From there to Kingston it gets harder to get a good report.
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