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  1. Crestliner1850

    Fish in the river!

    Does the fake news phenomenon is now hitting the fishing world?
  2. Looked bigger on the picture, beautiful fish!
  3. On the top picture is it a steelhead? Did you weigh it?
  4. Crestliner1850

    Must Have Gear

    I always wondered if big diameter braid like 80lbs (whitch as about the same diameter then 30lbs mono) would have been ok. I should have asked the question and save some money
  5. Crestliner1850

    Must Have Gear

    It means that braid is the worst line to use in summer time when the water is warmer. Fleas are in abundance and they stick to braid badly. It's a must to use at lease 30 lb mono or as said above wire line.
  6. Crestliner1850

    Must Have Gear

    KeithVT you have all the right gear to start. Just add some mag spoons, flasher-fly and meat rig (A-TOM-MIK). Make a quick search and you'll find recent posts on best spoons and flasher-fly. Good luck.
  7. Crestliner1850

    Dunkirk, NY Fishing

    Well Char_Master, looks like Erie is as good as lake O for laker fishing!
  8. Crestliner1850

    Leadcoe Backing

    I have two convector 30 with leadcore (8 and 10 colors). On both I used 500 feet of braid 50 pound (with 10 colors it fit perfect). Got it free from a friend. I don't recommand to use that type of line, there are less expensive line that will make the job done. Usually for salmon fishing you need about 1000 feet of line so 10 colors is 300 feet + backing. Maybe there are guys with more experience that have better ideas.
  9. Is it possible that they're already staging?
  10. Crestliner1850

    Barcelona July 5th

    Good job! This young man will remember that day all his life
  11. Crestliner1850

    Erie trip 6/15/18

    I look forward to go there, keep us inform guys.
  12. Crestliner1850

    Erie trip 6/15/18

    East side. Is it more resident fish that time of year on the east side? Just wondering when is the best time to fish for those that migrates from the west.
  13. Crestliner1850

    Erie trip 6/15/18

    Where is SP?
  14. Crestliner1850


    Two different lengths I will put to test on Champlain salmon. I guess spoons are more versatile.