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  1. I thought about using a medium downrigger rod but I wondered if it would have the power because it's not built for that. Actually I was looking at the GLT 9' M (10-25 lb) for dipsy. Built for dipsy and probably more lite than my coldwaters. Also it's not a big risk at that price.
  2. Hi all, I have two 9' coldwater pro dipsy rods (wire) and I'm very satisfied. It perform nicely with average to large size lake Ontario fish. But when I fish lake Champlain's landlocked salmon I barely feel the fish. I'm looking for two dipsy rods (braid would be fine) that can handle a slide diver lite bite and be lite enough to feel the fight. What are your thoughts?
  3. Okuma has a good veriaty of rods for leadcore and boards and also at a very good price.
  4. I have two of these rods and I used them as downrigger rods only. I find them to much light for inline board or heavy lines.
  5. About a month ago I ordered mine direcly from Navionics web site.
  6. The main reason why I use the Scotty snubbers is to prevent more break on the cable.
  7. Finally I'm going with Itroll, thanks again for all the info.
  8. On mine I inserted the strongest split ring I could find through the bottom hole. Then inserted the same snap swivel I have on my downriggers. And then the Scotty snubbers with the ball.
  9. Using braid as backing gets very expensive. Depending on the sizes of your reels you could use 20 lbs big game. That's what I have on all my reels as backing. I only have two reels with braid as backing, my wire rods.
  10. Very interesting, did you buy the upgrades for hunt mode and dual motor?
  11. I'm looking for advise for a throttle control for my honda 9.9. The two I've looked are the ControllKing and the TrollMaster. What are your thoughts? Thanks.
  12. Recently I bought the Navionics + US - Canada. With the sonarchart its very detailed. The SD card is 16 GB and you can update the area of your choice free for one year.
  13. I have Traxstech and I'm very satisfied but if I'd start again I thing I would go with Cisco. They have more kinds of rod holders.
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