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  1. Ok! I know this area I fished bay of Quinte many times. And I plan on going in the Wellington area in may. Thanks.
  2. Sorry but where is the bath?
  3. Thank you pvelyk..
  4. Can someone please tell me the name of the scent named in the video (I'm french) Thanks
  5. Great video. Could you tell me the name of the scent you use with the MC Rockets. Thanks.
  6. Hi John, I have two Talora diver rods that I use with braid. If I switch to Torpedo 19-strand wire, do I still need twili tips? Thanks.
  7. Nice job guys! I wish I live closer.
  8. Hi Brian, still 24'' to 30'' behind the dodger and spin doctor?
  9. I looked at the bogagrip and that thing is expensive! Goes from 125$ to 300$, which model is strong enough to hold the fish behind the boat?
  10. Let us know how things turn out. Good luck.
  11. With the kings staging, are you still running only spoons behind them?
  12. That's a nice King you got there. It looks like they didn't start changing colors yet. I hope that the conditions are going to stabilize so I can get there for a few days.
  13. Thanks on the lam for the response.