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  1. Crestliner1850

    Brown/reel question

    That's what I do. It gets very expensive buying set ups for every species.
  2. Crestliner1850

    Which Navigation card?

    I was told recently by a guy in the business that navionics is now own by garmin and that they will come out with something new. I also was looking to upgrade my navionics but decided to wait and see.
  3. Crestliner1850

    Dipsy rings

    That would be interesting to see pictures of your setup.
  4. Crestliner1850

    What do you consider a trophy steelhead?

    For a guy living close to the great lakes a fish that size could be common but hear in Quebec for most peaple a trout that size is a trophy fish.
  5. Crestliner1850

    Experience with fishingbigstore.com?

    So Keith any news from China?
  6. Crestliner1850

    Recharging batteries.

    Thank you all for your help. Looks like I'm gonna start looking for a generator.
  7. Crestliner1850

    Recharging batteries.

    Thanks for your help.
  8. Crestliner1850

    Gamblers 2018 season

    Congratulations to you and your team.
  9. Crestliner1850

    Recharging batteries.

    Hi all, I'm looking for advice on a power pack (or anything portable) that has anough power to charge my two deep cicle batteries. I always have trouble to find a motel that has plug available for that. Thanks.
  10. Crestliner1850

    Recharging batteries.

    Hi all, I'd like to know if there is a portable charger that would have enough power to recharge two deep cicle batteries. I'm sick of having to find motel that has plugs avaleble for that. Thanks.
  11. Crestliner1850

    Fish in the river!

    Does the fake news phenomenon is now hitting the fishing world?
  12. Looked bigger on the picture, beautiful fish!
  13. On the top picture is it a steelhead? Did you weigh it?
  14. Crestliner1850

    Must Have Gear

    I always wondered if big diameter braid like 80lbs (whitch as about the same diameter then 30lbs mono) would have been ok. I should have asked the question and save some money
  15. Crestliner1850

    Must Have Gear

    It means that braid is the worst line to use in summer time when the water is warmer. Fleas are in abundance and they stick to braid badly. It's a must to use at lease 30 lb mono or as said above wire line.