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  1. Northeast, PA Lake Trout

    I’ll let you guys know if we do any good. Wind looks decent enough, water and air temp is all I’m concerned about. Winter needs to go away for a few months haha.
  2. Northeast, PA Lake Trout

    Anyone else fishing off North East this weekend? Water temp is still a bit cold (38°) so I’m curious how the bite will be. Hopefully my boat isn’t frozen by the time we want to head out Saturday!
  3. Braid to Fluoro Splice

    I’ll be using inline boards so there shouldn’t be any releases to play with in the system. I will, however, be using snap weights to get down. This is my first year using them so would I be better off clipping them on the fluoro rather than the braid in order to avoid sliding?
  4. Braid to Fluoro Splice

    Thanks for the quick responses, everyone! I think I’m going to try those 38lb swivels I have on hand to start with and, if for some unfortunate reason I have one break, I’ll switch over to a double uni knot.
  5. Braid to Fluoro Splice

    I’ve heard a lot of good things about Spro, I’ll have to order them next time I do some online shopping. For the time being, I’d imagine these would work just as well, right? Same size overall, just 38lb instead of 50lb, which should still make it stronger than the leader. I mainly use these to connect leader and tippet when Fly Fishing but I don’t see why they would work for this application.
  6. Braid to Fluoro Splice

    I’ll be rigging up my setups for the season tomorrow and one question I have for you guys is: what sort of knot or splice do you use to connect softer lines that will hold up to the strength of those trophy fish? Specifically, I’d like to add 30’ or so of 20lb fluoro to the end of 50lb braid on my in-line board/snap weight setups. I was thinking of going for a double-uni, but since it’ll be going through the guides under pressure, I worry about the knot getting caught and snapping while a fish is on. My other thought was to just use a large swivel to terminate the braid and only go with as much fluoro on the end as I can clip to my rod, so 7-8’ or so. Thanks in advance. -Sean
  7. Best trolling reels???

    My Tekota 600’s are definitely the smoothest trolling reels I’ve ever used, but for $200, there’s many cheaper alternatives that work just as well like Convectors and even Penn linecounters.
  8. losing lake trout

    Couldn’t agree more! Every boat that isn’t fishing for them means my presentations look all the more appetizing. Same story here! The first fish I caught when I started trolling in 2015 was an Erie chunk Laker, I’d never caught a fish with so much stamina! Since then I’ve caught every species of Salmonids in the Great Lakes but LTs are still my absolute favorite fish out there.
  9. Northeast, PA Lake Trout

    I suppose that’s true. Regardless of temp, if there’s nothing to breath, there won’t be any fish. I know the PFBC nets them around North East in august (though, not as many as NYDEC nets off Dunkirk/Barcelona), so there’s still at least a few in PA. Maybe they are just suspended as high as they need to be for oxygen rich water. That said, I don’t think North East is any different than Dunkirk as far as overall depth/temp, food, or susceptibility to hypoxic zones. So, maybe the bulk of Lakers just move between the two areas in the summer depending on current conditions. That’s my best theory, anyway.
  10. Northeast, PA Lake Trout

    I appreciate the kind words, Fishnut! There are very few fish that I put more research and investment towards than Lakers, and if I can help put some other guys on them without having to search around offshore for hours, I’ll gladly do so. Happy to help!
  11. Northeast, PA Lake Trout

    Oh yeah, and not to jack the thread, but, to my fellow Erie anglers, do you guys ever catch or target North East Lakers in July-August after the thermocline forms? We got into piles of them last July out of Dunkirk and I know Barcelona has a good summer fishery for them too, but I never hear anything about North East in the summer, which is odd because it’s just as deep and cold of water. Not sure if they all move east to NY waters for more(?) food or if Walleye just overshadow them in PA that time of year. There’s plenty of 39° water below 80’ in July so I’m not sure why no one catches them in PA during that period of time.
  12. Northeast, PA Lake Trout

    I fish off North East pretty much all of the spring season (counting down the days until launch this year!). Action starts when the water hits a uniform 40° and stops around ~52°, which could be anywhere from the third week in May to early or even mid June. Not sure where they go in mid-late June but they’re like ghosts once the water is in the mid fifties and higher (before the thermocline forms). Anyway, we fish 60-140 FOW between mid April and late May. Spoons, dodgers, flashers, and cowbells within 5’ of the bottom usually produce the most fish, but we’ll take them all through the water column even up to just below the surface at times. Anywhere from 1.5-3.5mph depending on the baits in the water at the time. Riggers produce 80%+ of the fish (so fish your prime baits on them) but divers put in work some days and we’ll get a board take every once in awhile. Feel free to PM me if you have any additional questions about the spring fishery.
  13. Reviving Fish in Open Water

    Thanks for all the responses, everyone! Ill definitely try the boga grip and will likely also attempt to make a descending device/reverse hook for this summer. I always keep the fish in the water for as long as possible and only take it out for 15-60 seconds to measure if necessary and for some quick pics. I support C&R fish under the belly horizontally as well, no gill gripping unless it’s a Walleye or small Salmon headed for the frying pan. As far as depth of the fish, I try to bring them up as slowly as possible to allow for decompression without taking ridiculously long to the point where they’ll be exhausted from fighting up through warmer surface water. Lakers are usually the easiest IME because they dive and thrash low for almost the entire fight. Steelies on the other hand (as you all know), rocket up to the surface from 10-100’ down as fast as they can and pretty much the entire fight is in the warm surface water.
  14. Reviving Fish in Open Water

    I’ll have to try the boga grip method again this summer, thanks guys! knotlost, I’ve read about that reverse hook thing before and it sounds like it might work. The only problem I can think of it trying to hook a 15+ pound fish to it with a higher boat like mine. Plus getting it to stay on until deep enough while trolling along at 1.5-3mph.
  15. Reviving Fish in Open Water

    I’ve done this a few times but usually the problem is trying to keep the fish underwater and not skating on the surface with one gill out of water.