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  1. Planer Board and Mooching Rods

    Definitely! I do most of my online shopping with FishUSA and their customer service is top notch.
  2. Planer Board and Mooching Rods

    Those islanders look great! Unfortunately, they’re a bit pricey for my wallet haha. I was planning to go with the Daiwa M-One UTDs if I make the switch. More just trying to figure out which rods would be the best fit for my boat.
  3. Planer Board and Mooching Rods

    Thanks, I’ll look into them!
  4. Planer Board and Mooching Rods

    Thank you!
  5. Planer Board and Mooching Rods

    Wow, not sure why the next in the original post is so big, sorry to those of you that actually read it all lol.
  6. Hey guys, looking for some recommendations for new trolling rods for this year’s upcoming open water season. First, I’m looking for a pair of new board rods, as my current ones are way too stout. I’ve heard good things about the Okuma Classic Pro GLT board rods, but was wondering if anyone here has used them and what they thought, or if anyone has another suggestion. Going to be running them with inline boards and 50lb braid plus snap weights to get down. (Also in the market for some new inline boards since my current offshore ones are trashed). Second, after three years of rugged use and hundreds of fish, my Cabela’s downriggers rods are finally ready to go. The butts are so indented they look ready to snap and the guides are getting pretty worn, so I want to replace them before something unfortunate happens while on the water. I contemplated doing this last year, but this season I think I might make the switch over to the mooching-style downrigger setups, with single action “knuckle buster” reels to make the fight of just about any fish more enjoyable. If I do decide to switch (which I’d like to), I already have some affordable reels picked out, but am having a hard time deciding which rods to go with. Traditional downrigger mooching rods are 10’6” long with short 8.5” rear butts. The two problems with this are 1) I can’t store any rod longer than 9’ in my cabin and 2) any rod with a rear butt shorter than 12” is liable to bounce out of my rod holders when cruising in rough seas. Because of this, traditional mooching rods aren’t really an option for me at the moment. I’ve had some guys say they used plain old Ugly Stiks with mooching rods and had no problems, but I’m not sure which ugly stick would be best suited to downrigger fishing? I’m also considering just going for another pair of cabela’s depthmaster rods and sticking some mooching reels on them, as I don’t think the slightly smaller “casting” guides would really hurt much. Anyone have thoughts/experience/recommendations with mooching gear? If I don’t make the switch, I’ll probably just buy another pair of cabela’s rods since they’ve been so reliable and fun to use. Thanks in advance! -Sean
  7. Leader question

    4-5' of 20# fluoro. I've gone up to 8' but haven't noticed a difference, other than being more difficult to net fish.
  8. Dunkirk?

    As others have said, western basin is your best bet in the spring, but the eastern basin has a decent population of resident fish as well. The best eastern basin (PA & NY) fishing for the migratory Walleye is usually from late June to early September, with July and August being prime.
  9. Some of my best Great Lakes fish taken by boat this year. All released other than the Steelhead which fought itself to death. -18 pound Laker, Lake Erie, May -17 pound Laker, Lake Superior, June -10 pound Atlantic, St. Mary's River, June -9 pound jigged Drum, Lake Erie, July -23 pound Laker, Lake Erie, July -12 pound Steelhead, Lake Ontario (Olcott), August
  10. Finn spoons

    They're good spoons, I have the most luck with them when the water is calm (and speed is more consistent). They'll spin out over 2.5mph but anything in the 1.5-2.5 range they work great.
  11. Dunkirk, NY Fishing

    Fished hard for 5.5 hours today but unfortunately didn't have any action. Trolled spoons, plugs, cowbells, dodgers, and flashers in 10-50 FOW plus cast plugs and jigged spoons in the harbor, not a hit all day. Marked very few fish overall in the lake. Water temps outside the harbor ranged from 54-58°F. Not the best day to end our season but we'll be back in the spring!
  12. Dunkirk, NY Fishing

    Awesome, thanks!
  13. Dunkirk, NY Fishing

    Anyone know if Dunkirk (or Barcelona) still have the docks in at their boat launches?
  14. Dunkirk, NY Fishing

    Thanks! I'll post a report after this weekend as long as the Lake is nice enough to let us get out one last time.
  15. Dunkirk, NY Fishing

    Thank you for the info! Any particular presentations that produce well this time of year? I'm a bit concerned with snagging balls with how rocky it is in shallow but hopefully it'll be fine as long as I stay a few feet off bottom.