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  1. Thanks! Actually not a single fish puked up an earlier meal. In Erie though, 99% of their summer diet is going to consist of Rainbow Smelt and Round Gobies. In the spring and fall they usually key in more on Emerald Shiners instead of Smelt but there's very few Emeralds in the lake this year overall.
  2. Had a great day out there yesterday! Went 17/18 Lakers in 6 hours with a 1-2 rod spread. Had dipsies in for the first hour along the bottom but they weren't getting touched so we took them out and just fished one or two riggers all day so we could stop the boat and revive the fish. Four doubles over the course of the morning as well! Had spoons down there on and off all day but not one fish would eat them. Morning slow trolled and got 9 fish all on cowbells along the bottom and afternoon/late morning speed trolled and got 8 fish on flasher-flies 10-20 feet off the bottom. Fishing 105-130 FOW all day. Smallest fish was 26" and I even broke my PB twice today first with a 37" 23# then later with a 38" 24#! Three fish over 21 pounds, loads of 14-18 pounders, and only one fish under 12 pounds. Don't believe I've ever had to hug so many fish because they're too large to hold any other way! Conditions were perfect, a slight breeze and chop with .5-1 foot waves and swells no larger than 2 feet. Hoping to get back there again next Saturday but first we need the lake to cooperate again. Thanks for all the info, jigstick! All fish were caught and released
  3. Thanks for the tip! Unfortunately I ordered a couple of those Oscar spoons but they aren't being delivered until tomorrow haha. Hoping to hit Dunkirk again next weekend though so I'll have them for then. For tomorrow I've got a few spoons that look similar. Moonshine "Super Shadow" and MI Stinger NBK both have that glowing fish-spine down the middle of the spoon.
  4. Yessir. Heading north now to get our boat in PA then driving over to Dunkirk early in the morning. Hoping to have lines in by 7:00-7:30. Winds looking like 4-8 mph from the South so fingers crossed we make it out to deepwater and the low pressure front moving in tomorrow gets the Trout hungry!
  5. Thats a good problem man! I'll have to add a couple of them to a lure order this week to have for the weekend.
  6. Thanks for the info! Probably going to stick a classic green/chart/silver cowbell & spin'n'glow combo down 1-3' off the bottom and a moonshine spoon up above that at 3-5' from bottom. Then spoons or flashers on size 1 or mag wire dipsies a bit higher than those. Pretty pumped just hoping the lake cooperates and there's no 3-5 footers like we've had in PA the past few weeks!
  7. Anyone been doing good out of Dunkirk recently? Weather permitting, I'm hoping to head offshore there for the next two Saturdays. We've been crushing Walleye and Drum out of Erie, PA the past few weekends but now it's time for a shot at Summer Lakers! The plan as of now is to head northwest of the harbor and troll the bottom in 120-130 FOW for hungry Char. Running cowbells, dodgers, and spoons at low speed or switching to spoons and flashers at high speed if we need to search more water at a faster pace. Thanks again for any updates or tips!
  8. I run 30# wire to the dipsy then a clear snubber and 5-6' of 20# fluoro after that. Also have one rig with no snubber and just 20# mono from the dipsy to the lure which still works pretty well.
  9. Thanks for the help, guys, we got some great fish today! Rods in at 7:15, fish on in about 90 seconds on the green/blue/copper bells. 30" long I'd guess around 13-14 pounds (all fat fish today!). An hour went by before the next one but he was worth the wait, on the same rig, 33" and 18 pounds, our biggest fish of the season so far. Great fight, almost had him tangled in the wire Dipsy line though couldn't put the breaks on him, took a good 5 minutes to land after he was already behind the boat. Another fish on 5-10 minutes later, 28" on a dodger. Took three hours for the next fish, a nice 29" also on the dodger, well worth it. Bite shut down after that but it was an exciting morning and we'll be back to Dunkirk in July or August! For now, it's time for some PA Lakers for the next two weeks. Looking for that 30# record! 33" and 29" below
  10. Much appreciated! Though I'll likely be busy all of June (in a good way). Doing some wreck diving the first couple weeks, maybe a day or two of Drum trolling, then a few days in NCPA wilderness for wild Brookies and finish out the month with a trip to Lake Superior for some offshore Laker fishing. Is that area any good between mid July and early August? That's likely when I'll be able to make it up to Lake O this year. No matter when I have a feeling you'll be able to provide some excellent guidance, you seem to be the best Laker angler on this entire forum from what I've seen!
  11. ^ Nice ones! Looks like there's a good bit of Superior strain fish in NY waters, it's mainly Finger Lakes and Champlain fish in PA. This was our nicest fish last year, borderline central basin, 36" and around 23-25 pounds Michipicoten strain from 100' on the dot.
  12. Good to know, thanks! Can't say I fish eyes too much, though I certainly don't mind a bycatch one every week or two as dinner for the night :).
  13. Nice ones! Yeah from what the locals were telling me there's tons of them April-mid June and again later in the Fall off Olcott, but they seem to congregate around the "Rochester basin" in the summer.
  14. Glad to have that confirmed, seems like it's the summer Lake Trout Mecca of the lower Great Lakes. And yup I'm all geared up, got a couple cowbells/gamblers off of him last summer, In fact the "confusion" one caught my second largest fish of the season two weeks ago in 80-90 FOW in PA waters.