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  1. Thanks for the help, guys, we got some great fish today! Rods in at 7:15, fish on in about 90 seconds on the green/blue/copper bells. 30" long I'd guess around 13-14 pounds (all fat fish today!). An hour went by before the next one but he was worth the wait, on the same rig, 33" and 18 pounds, our biggest fish of the season so far. Great fight, almost had him tangled in the wire Dipsy line though couldn't put the breaks on him, took a good 5 minutes to land after he was already behind the boat. Another fish on 5-10 minutes later, 28" on a dodger. Took three hours for the next fish, a nice 29" also on the dodger, well worth it. Bite shut down after that but it was an exciting morning and we'll be back to Dunkirk in July or August! For now, it's time for some PA Lakers for the next two weeks. Looking for that 30# record! 33" and 29" below
  2. Much appreciated! Though I'll likely be busy all of June (in a good way). Doing some wreck diving the first couple weeks, maybe a day or two of Drum trolling, then a few days in NCPA wilderness for wild Brookies and finish out the month with a trip to Lake Superior for some offshore Laker fishing. Is that area any good between mid July and early August? That's likely when I'll be able to make it up to Lake O this year. No matter when I have a feeling you'll be able to provide some excellent guidance, you seem to be the best Laker angler on this entire forum from what I've seen!
  3. ^ Nice ones! Looks like there's a good bit of Superior strain fish in NY waters, it's mainly Finger Lakes and Champlain fish in PA. This was our nicest fish last year, borderline central basin, 36" and around 23-25 pounds Michipicoten strain from 100' on the dot.
  4. Good to know, thanks! Can't say I fish eyes too much, though I certainly don't mind a bycatch one every week or two as dinner for the night :).
  5. Nice ones! Yeah from what the locals were telling me there's tons of them April-mid June and again later in the Fall off Olcott, but they seem to congregate around the "Rochester basin" in the summer.
  6. Glad to have that confirmed, seems like it's the summer Lake Trout Mecca of the lower Great Lakes. And yup I'm all geared up, got a couple cowbells/gamblers off of him last summer, In fact the "confusion" one caught my second largest fish of the season two weeks ago in 80-90 FOW in PA waters.
  7. Same here dude. Erie is the closest Laker fishery to me (about two hours north) and I'm up there probably 30-40 days a year on the bluewater and Tribs to feed the Char, Trout, and Drum addiction. I fished Lake O for the first time last July-August but we didn't find any lakers as we went out of Olcott (good Steelie fishing though). Aiming to fish Rochester for them 3-5 days this summer, that seems to be a good port for Lake Trout. Seems like I was the only guy up there last summer asking for Laker tips but putting next to no effort towards those Sammins' lol.
  8. Our average size for Erie is 8-15 pounds and 26-32", but not sure if it's any different over in NY waters. Interested to hear as well.
  9. Jeez! Good to know, I'll without a doubt be at Dunkirk 2-3 weekends this summer then :). No problem on the Divers, with wire at cowbell speed (1.5-1.8) I can get them down 80-100' no problem. I've yet to experience laker fishing where they're actually annoying (though that'd be impossible to me, as my favorite species), so hopefully I can find some over there this weekend.
  10. Much appreciated man, thanks! I've got a few cowbells and gambler rigs, Dodgers, and spoons (stingers and moonshines) so I should be set it that department! I'm aiming to start out around 70-90 FOW Saturday and work in or out depending on the bite. I agree super scattered this year, we had 2 fish in 7 hours two weeks ago but 6 fish in 4 hours the week before that. Odd. Wait, you guys catch them all summer? Our PA Erie Laker bite usually shuts down after Memorial Day or so. I may have to make a few more trips to Dunkirk if they're doable in July/August!
  11. Thanks for the tip! I was looking at some contour maps and heading NW from the harbor seems to be the area with the most deep structure, as you said. They that shallow still? We've been getting PA Erie Lakers in 55-90 FOW the past few weeks. I'm assuming it's the eastern edge of the mountain. Should be fun to try, as we usually fish off North East PA on the western most part of the escarpment. Plus it seems like NY gets more Lakers planted out there than PA, so hoping to put a few nice ones in the net.
  12. We had success early August last year using red and/or orange spoons on the riggers 20-60' down for Steelhead. 2.8-3.5 mph. We had five days out of Olcott that was originally going to be a Chinook mission but the chromers were so active we switched to just targeting them the last two days.
  13. I realize this is a Lake Ontario forum, but considering the number of members here that fish all over the region, I'm hoping someone can give me some into. (Admins, if this topic would be better in a different subforum, please feel free to move it). Anyway, we'll be fishing out of Dunkirk this Saturday on Erie's eastern basin for Spring Lakers and I was wondering if any of you have fished out of this port before. Mainly trying to figure out some good general zones to target Char but any info about the structure, depth, etc. offshore in this area would be much appreciated. Thanks! -Sean
  14. Wow, those are all awesome, especially the Goby pattern, looks like Laker candy :D. Ever think about making them to sell? For that kind of quality, you could get some good money out of each one.
  15. Anyone know where I can get some nice cast iron cannonballs? I'm conflicted between 10# or 12# balls but thinking 10# should be enough since 75% of the time we're trolling under 2.0mph. Though we are on the bottom or very close for Lakers, so that's still 50-180' down regardless of speed. Just don't want to go launching off the stern in rough water trying to grab a 12# ball that's three feet off the back of the boat haha. Also considered the fish shaped balls but I'd rather just stick to the classic ball with fin for easier storage, and so I don't Jynx anything :). Oh yeah, also I've pretty much decided on the Squall 30-LWLH reels due to their high line capacity (455/25#), low gear ratio, left hand retrieve, and nice aesthetics.