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  1. Ive been out in the lake when you could be there on a surfboard just floating. Last week i was out and it looked like scenes from the movie perfect storm. the biggest problem is the area you must venture to get some depth. I agree with many others a stiff breeze and i dont care life jacket or not its a huge lake and your just a spec out in that water. Bad idea, "if a man could second guess his mistakes hed never die by accident"
  2. What is an observer and what are the qualifications
  3. what qualifications do you need to be an observer?
  4. I have been on the board almost 2 years. i read where people talk about where they come from to fish the big O. i get a sense that there are an awful lot of fisherman from a distance away coming to fish quite often, Am i right? Last year i fished it for the first time on a charter. i live 200 plus miles away and thought i was crazy. i caught so many fish i couldnt beleive it. Now its like i should be there as often as possible
  5. I am myself a shore fisherman and also new to fishing lake ontario. last year i fished the lower Niagara and olcott piers. A few months ago I wanted to really experience the fishery. I scheduled a charter and caught more fish in 4 hours than i have in any one trip in my life . i have been fishing for almost 50 years. Its a long drive from pa. to the lake but its worth every bit of time and money. Now that trout and salmon are moving in towards the shallows you should do well. Good luck
  6. I have been fishing all my life. I am in my 50's . I fish a large river in Pa. and did quite well in the past. Last year i began on a journey to fulfill a life time dream. to fish the Niagara river. this led me to getting curious about Lake Ontario. I do not have a boat and have never been exposed to a downrigger. A set of events led to me getting hooked up 2 weeks ago with a charter east of Rochester. I caught so many fish I was waiting for someone to tap me on the shoulder and wake me up from a dream. i went out again. We caught 2 salmon 1 steelhead 1 atlantic salmon a nice rainbow and 6 brown trout over 7lbs.and there seems to be little boat traffic. if I owned a boat my first step would have been learning what to do by the guy I was with. In my opinion Lake Ontario maybe the greatest fishery i have ever seen or even heard about.
  7. on walleye i have caught my share of 10 lb I fish the allegheny in Pa. As winter comes on nothin beats a live bait on a jig or fishing a rapala--fish it slow and work and cast change up speed and at night very lightly play it youll get em
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