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  1. Cannon 2011 Mag !0 HS quit. I recently had a problem with a cannon 2011 mag 10 HS, I noticed that it was coming up slower than normal, eventually it stopped. Reset circuit breaker on rigger, and checked voltage. Ended up hand retrieving up. I opened up rigger and noticed a burned spot on control board, so I replaced it, resealed and returned to service, only to have the unit retrieving slow again. After about three or four operations(up & down), the unit quit again. I replaced this one with the new Cannon mag 5 HS which operates fine on the same plug. Any suggestions on how to repair my Cannon 2011 mag 10 HS?
  2. Fished Mexico, Sat, 8am to 5pm. marked lots of fish in 80-100 ft, from nuke to catfish. Two hits on gaiter down 80. two young kings.. Fished out to 400 looking for anything to hit. no luck. Fished Sunday, choppy 2's and 3's ,fished high rocks through buoy line,never moved a rod, fish and temp disappeared, quit at noon.
  3. If you have a set left I will buy them. Send me the address where to send check. Thanks
  4. I posted about this boat minutes ago, but the time says it was posted at 7 pm. It is 5:25 now.
  5. I have a friend that is very interested in your boat. Could you send me a number to call.
  6. I agree Brian. I starting to doubt what I was doing with all the cons on snubbers though.
  7. classy video, great music, thanks for sharing
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