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  1. Shellback


    I run Sea Foam in everything also.
  2. Shellback

    What type of down rigger setup

    I've used Eagle Feet on 2 16 footers. Never had a problem. Keep in mind you need to set the "drag" on the riggers so they with pay out line if you snag.
  3. Shellback

    Oneida or Erie?

    As I'm retired, thinking about arriving on a Sunday and fish during the weekdays. Shooting for the 29th of the month. Weather will be the key factor. I'll bring my riggers for sure. The wife and i will be camping out of my slide in camper. Just put A/C in it. We normally don't camp in the summer, just spring and fall.
  4. Shellback

    Oneida or Erie?

    I've fished Chautauqua before, and that is a good option to save the trip if Erie gets bad.
  5. Shellback

    Oneida or Erie?

    Thanks for all the replies! The reports from Erie are outstanding! Seems like a no brainer to give it a try. I'm thinking about heading up on the 27th for 5 or 6 days. I guess the weather will determine my final destination. Should I bring my D/R's?
  6. Shellback

    Oneida or Erie?

    I'd like to get up for some walleye later this month. I fish with my wife who is handicapped, so a trolling bite is best for us. I just have a 16 foot Lund Alaskan tiller boat. It's 16' 10"s with a 82 inch beam, 50HP Honda. Depending on the weather, I might have more opportunities to get out on Oneida versus Erie. I have a slide in truck camper, so we would also need a decent campground. If I was to travel to Barcelona, what winds do I have to look out for?
  7. I couldn't find any decent perch on the Canadian side the first 2 weeks of June. I looked high and low. The area I fish near Gananoque gets hammered pretty hard ice fishing for perch. A local shares info with me, and he wasn't doing much good either.
  8. Fished the Canadian side out of Gananoque the first 2 weeks of June. My wife is handicapped, so we mostly perch fish. This year perch fishing was very poor. I started going out after dinner by myself looking for walleye or pike. I was trolling a worm harness behind a tadpole diver and picked up an 8 pounder in about 20 feet of water at 8:15 PM. After talking to my old Canadian friend, he told me years ago he used to get a lot of walleye casting to the rock shoals after dark. With that info I went back the next 2 nights and caught a 5 pounder each night. Had a Canadian friend each night, and they hooked up too. I was throwing a floating Rapala right up against the rocks and the ones that hit, hit almost immediately. This was the first fairly consistent pattern I've had walleye fishing on the river. It has mostly been hit or miss for me. My best previous walleye was taken trolling a rattling minnow in the middle of the day in about 10 feet of water. Go figure? I won't be back again until Sept and am anxious to see if I can repeat the pattern then. Finally got the pictures from my Canadian buddy. The one of me standing in the boat isn't that great, but it's a 28 inch fish at 8 Pounds. The next pictures was a couple 24 inch fish at 5 pounds a piece.
  9. Just a dab around the screw penetrations is all you need as a sealant. People goob it all over and then have problems.
  10. The Op is talking about fastening the board to his aluminum hull. The boards are usually fastened with sheet metal screws and they only pass through probably .100 thick aluminum. Can't imagine the 5200 preventing the screw from coming out. A threaded screw into a threaded hole is a whole different ballgame.
  11. I've never had a problem removing a screw with 5200 around it. I'm sure it would be big trouble trying to remove a garboard drain fitting with 5200 on an inch of threads. But I was talking about some sealant around the thread screw holes mounting the board to an aluminum hull. It's not like you are coating a threaded screw or bolt that's passing through a threaded hole 1 inch deep. Here's my original post. "Are you using it as a sealant, or an adhesive? I've always used 5200 as a sealant when mounting the boards, but never depended on it as an adhesive. I just put a bead around the perimeter of the board and a dab at each screw hole. Never had a problem."
  12. With the rising temps, I think you will be fine. Keep in mind, that it will take several days to set up properly.
  13. You won't have any problems! I'd clean the hull and board with alcohol before applying the sealant
  14. You should have no problem removing the old screws Where are you in S.E. PA?