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  1. I have an old Minn Kota transom mount electric motor. I have taken the motor itself off, and will mount the PS 30 on the end of the shaft. With mounted this way, I'll be able to rotate the transducer and still which way I like it best. Then buy the PS 31 mount if needed.
  2. Anybody using Panoptix for trolling, specifically the PS 30 unit? Here's a couple interesting videos. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rhTMf3m5Llw&list=WL&index=10&t=0s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0kuCIAxX8pU&list=WL&index=11
  3. Are you sure you don't mean Garmin and Navionics?
  4. Get a dehumidifier and tent over the hull except the exhaust. It should dry out.
  5. Ha! Just bought the same thing in a crate yesterday for $1500. It was a 3 hr round trip, Buffalo with be 12 hrs. Guess the extra $200 was worth it. Looking forward to getting it installed.
  6. I don't think the 150's were problematic, but you are buying a 21 y/o outboard. It's a crap shoot whether it's a cheap fix or ready to fail completely.
  7. A few nights after I got the big walleye in my post, I hooked up again. I thought, "Oh boy, another one". What a fighter! Yup, a big sheepshead. Sure was exciting though.
  8. Sounds more like the factory is at fault, if the dealer couldn't get parts. Were you done fishing for the year when you dropped it off 2 weeks ago? Of were you looking for a quick repair so you could fish the fall?
  9. I got this 29 inch, 9.4 pound walleye Sept 11th around 8PM near the 40 acre shoal. Was trolling a worm harness and a 3 oz bottom bouncer in 30 fw. t
  10. I'll be fishing the Canadian side starting Friday. How deep are you finding them?
  11. Erie in North East sure wasn't smooth like that last weekend!
  12. I run Sea Foam in everything also.
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