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  1. Nice fish, FLX! Let me know if you are up for a trip 08/16 or 08/23; we have a Fresh Air Fund kid coming from NYC (same one as last year) and he loves to fish. Maybe we can get out.
  2. Nice job, FLX! Should have stayed in Canandaigua that week instead of going to NC; my fishing SUCKED
  3. Any recommendations on a hotel to stay at in the Oswego / Mexico area? I am going to be fishing in the Jon's Little Salmon Derby next weekend and don't want to drive in at 3:00 am.
  4. Nice catch! I should have stayed at home and fished in Canandaigua Lake instead of traveling to the ocean!
  5. Nice! Glad that skunk left the boat finally. We'll have to hook up once I get back from family Vacation.
  6. Could be that Cdga is so clear that it scares the fish?? If you paint, and then remove, use some Flitz or Simichrome to polish it (call me, we have a ton of both at work)
  7. I even threw my watch on the 600' copper with a couple hooks in the band.... nothing.
  8. FLXTroutman and I fished 0600 - 1400 south end as well. Not a single hook-up. We threw everything he had in the boat at them, no takers. Beautiful day, and I know that the derby fee went to a good cause. Heard that there were 440 + entrants in the derby!
  9. They are accepting money at Seager Marine? That can come in handy! Thanks!!
  10. Wifey likes trout and salmon A LOT; so any chance I get to catch some she is good for it.
  11. Couldn't keep him awake as we watched the Saturday morning fishing shows!
  12. Congrats! I'm 41 + and just had my firsdt KID; cannot imagine a GRANDKID. You must be much older than me
  13. It's not real hard, or expensive, just be sure to keep the wood dry and off the concrete after it is cut. I replaced floor in my old boat, left pieces on the concrete garage floor, kinda warped a little. Got it in and fitted, just a lot more work that it should have been!
  14. We'll find out in a few weeks. Gotta get him big enough for the life vest we have for him (Type 1). Give me a shout some time. Out of town 13 - 14 June, then 3 - 12 July. Other than that, should be close to home or on the lake!
  15. I recommend you listen to FLX, he knows how to catch them lakers in our local lake. We have yet to be skunked when I go with him.
  16. Last night the newest fisherman joined our household. 8 pounds, 11 ounces; ready to troll for salmon and trout with daddy.
  17. Nice job, Tom! If you ever want another body/pair of rods for a weekend troll (early a.m.) give me a shout!
  18. All sold out. You guys can just stay home
  19. I'm leaning toward that, may make a small box so I cn use it for my ice fishing lures as well.
  20. Good luck! Be sure to take some pictures if you get anything!
  21. That was kinda what I had in mind. May just do it to pass the time until wifey decides to have the kid. FLX: You going out this weekend anytime with an open seat? Doctor says next Thursday is "go time". If kid isn't on his way out by then, the Petocin train to fatherhood leaves at 7:00 am. Last resort later that day is the "Hostage Rescue" surgery.
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