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  1. Your bilge pump is running and pumping water continuously. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. thanks for the responses so far. very helpful. where do a get a water separator? and is it installed inline (on the fuel line)? or somewhere else?
  3. long story short, have a 18' lund with 115hp Honda outboard, and a 9.9 kicker. the main motor wouldn't get up to full power, and the trolling motor was also having issues (wouldn't stay running). seemed to be fuel issue. tried the usual dry gas fixes etc to no avail. siphoned some gas out, and sure enough, it looks funny. compared to "good" gas, it is off color, and some of it had a white-ish looking substance at the bottom of it. a few questions: --how could water be getting in the tank? there are no obvious holes etc --how do i make sure the tank is completely drained of anything that's not gas? obviously, i want to make sure the tank is clean before adding any more gas. see attached pics. the one shows the white stuff in the gas. the other pic shows 2 bottles with the "bad" gas, as compared to the "good" gas. much thanks.
  4. Love it so far. ..few minor bugs but overall works great. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. heh. no, bad crimp job + 4 footers = accidentally dropping the ball over the side and then watching the whole setup sink to the bottom. much like the sinking in my stomach
  6. due to reasons i'd rather not disclose here i'm looking for a subtroll sending unit (the part that clips onto your cable and goes down) as well as a 12# ball. thanks.
  7. bumping this up, many views, no replies. no one has a thought or opinion on this?
  8. just installed a sub-troll, upgraded from a canon speed and temp. in the directions, it mentions that they recommend disabling the positive ion "thing" on our canon electric downriggers. so 2 questions... 1) is it really necessary? 2) if it is necessary, any clue on how to do this? thanks in advance. hoping to get out this weekend for a shakedown!
  9. thanks fellas! appreciate it.
  10. finally getting rid of canon speed and temp. we have decided on a subtroll. any recommendations for a reasonable, local (buffalo) source? thanks in advance....
  11. probably a long shot. but i just bought a house with a good-sized yard. looking for riding lawn mower in the 42" - 48" range. would prefer john deere, but really anything decent would work. also looking for cart so if you have that too, that would be good. don't check my PM's here; email me drhoads (at) gmail dot com. thanks, and tight lines!
  12. probably a long shot on a fishing forum. but there was one for sale here a while back but was sold after i called. anyway, looking for a single place trailer (no double, its too big!). if you have one, email me at: drhoads (at) gmail dot com. thanks!
  13. going out for a few hours this evening (monday 7/27). looks like the lake flipped this past weekend? i know generally speaking what that means, but how does it translate to fishing? what depth should i start at? what surface temp should i look for? any suggestions would be appreciated. we are getting better (we usually catch a keeper king and a few skippers each time out), but still not consistently nailing larger kings. thanks in advance for everyone's help!
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