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  1. I have always had good luck on little panther martin spinners
  2. way to stick with it... Perseverance pays off! with a whopper of a bird
  3. great job!! came across many jakes this morning, but no Toms... Been hearing a lot of gobbling as of late, but never heard 1 this morning.. maybe last nights storms had them off today
  4. Grizzly's in Hunt, NY (near south end of Letchworth).... The best I have ever used by far. The are a professional meat processing operation and hang the deer in a cooler for a 10 days+ before cutting. Makes such a difference, like night and day.... Most places don't have the space to be able to age them..
  5. Great Buck!! well done
  6. way to seal the deal.. great buck!
  7. I use 15/15/15 for everything... If you buy a ton at a time, you can save $$$
  8. my camp is in an area with a lot of agriculture (it has actually grown steadily in the 10 years I have owned the property). For me it seems like giving them a really good food source coming out of rut and into winter has made the biggest difference, especially if you have a lot of thick cover around.. The deer do not have to move a lot to get quality forage and are protected from some of the elements.. This year, I planted about 5 acres of brassica and purple top turnips... the deer will start eating the turnips as soon as they start growing and it usually takes a couple of hard frosts before they hit the other brassicas. Since I have focused on this approach, our gun season yields have increased significantly, the number of quality bucks has increased and the overall deer size (body size) has increased as well. I am certain some of this is the increase in agriculture, but I also believe that the quality winter forage is helping as well... I am sure others have different views, but this is my approach... BTW, the PTP will serve as a good hunting plot as well.. Shot a decent 8pt 2 years ago on 10/1 and he was crunching loudly on a turnip when I hit him good at 17 yards... Lastly, Turners Agway in Hemlock is a great place to buy fertilizer and seed.. It is my go to place and you can get seed for a fraction of the "big name" prepackaged brands..
  9. I have a springer that I hunt with that is built the same way.. Solid and muscular at 62#, which is big for a Springer, but he does not look it... He has great stamina in the field... Love the look of your dog and sounds like he is going to be a great hunter.... We should all be lucky enough to have one great hunting dog in our lifetime.... I have mine and hope that you have yours!! enjoy!!
  10. Does anyone know if there is a place to get ethanol free gas in the Hamlin area?
  11. Was fortunate enough to go to the weekend rounds of the 2015 Masters.. All I can say is AMAZING!! TV does not do the course justice... It is one of those things you need to see and experience in person. It should be on the bucket list for any golf fan!!
  12. That is an old girl.. that are not easy to out smart.. Well done!
  13. A buddy of mine got one for his 14 year old daughter.. She can handle it well and now it is his go to gun when she is not hunting..
  14. 3 inch federals.. They are "rifle accurate" out to 200 yards. A really unbelievable slug gun,, Anyone that thinks you need a 12 gauge for deer is mistaken... I have shot 7 or 8 deer with my 220, with the 3 inch Federals and don't think they have gone 100 yards combined. Enjoy your new purchase!
  15. This one is looking a little thin too... LOL