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  1. Thanks for the replies. I will definitely read more about it. I would love to borrow the book if it were available. My e-mail is [email protected] if you want to do that off-line. Steve
  2. I have a 14 foot Lund that I take out on Canandaigua Lake. I typically fish for perch and smallies on the northern half of the lake. I want to try downrigging this year and was looking at the small manual ones like the Walker Downriggers Mini Laker Manual Downrigger. That way I don't have to have it permanently attached, but it will get me deep on the few occaissions I want to go Laker or Rainbow fishing. I have a lot to learn so I'll be reading this forum often. If anyone has any general advice on how to start I'd greatly appreciate it. I've been reading a bunch of past posts and some of it sounds chinese to me, like Mt. Dews and Spin Doctors and Hammer Flys. Where would I get these? Steve
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