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  1. Cayuga Lake Small Mouth Hey guys i was wondering if anyone had any advice on Cayuga Lake small mouths. I can catch large mouths and pickerel fairly easy. But the small mouths elude me. I think i caught 1 12in small mouth last season. I really want to try to target them this year. Should i go south of long point to start?
  2. Had a decent day out on Waneta today... Caught a bunch of bass. They are chunky out there. Nothing real big maybe 2lbs was the biggest but boy they fight pretty good out there. Couple Pickeral... And the perch out there a NICE. Wow wasnt expecting that. No Muskellunge though lol.
  3. Yea thats what i heard, I think im going up friday. Hopefully shouldnt be too bad. Is there a launch at the Inn too??
  4. hey guys , thank you all! I appreciate all of the replies and advice you have given me. Any thing else i need to know about waneta? Is there a speed limit or anything on the main lake?
  5. Would i be better of just using the foot controlled trolling motor til i got to the lake? I dont wanna hurt my 150 hp out board lol
  6. Hey guys i was thinking about trying Waneta Lake this week. I looked on google earth at the boat ramp. Have any of you guys been there before? And would it be a good spot to launch an 18 ft bass boat? I seen a pic it kinda looked like a shallow mud hole lol.
  7. Yea buddy so is my 18ft Ranger Bass boat considered a small craft? LOL
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