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  1. the only bad thing the The Little Whip crew can say about Team Cold Steel is that they always beat us. lol
  2. heard Paul Czarnecki on this forum is the best. fishwish did 2 fish and a deer for me. took 3 yrs, steelie mount was ok, Brown I can tell she rushed after waiting so long and my deer was a white one from seneca army depot which she freezer burnt the nose on
  3. you buy a license, you can legally keep fish. Don't blame capts. If there is a major concern the DEC would step in. My buddies aren't having any trouble catching them up there maybe you gotta move around a little and not fish the same hot spot everyone fishes for the last 10 yrs
  4. the natives do whatever they want doesn't matter what side of the border.
  5. last yr I had over a 100 20 lb kings landed outta oz and Mexico at this time . This yr we have 4. Is it the charter capts fault? No, they just aren't here yet. Same thing up there, there is plenty of walleyes up there but maybe the fish found a different spot to hang. hint hintThe amount of walleye fishing up there wouldn't hurt the fish population. How many walleye charters are outta Henderson? 15 maybe. Don't blame poor fishing or bad numbers on fisherman when 50 miles North they net them by the 1000's
  6. how about you look across the border and the Res, where they net walleyes by the 1000's before you blame a dozen guys trying to make a living.......
  7. you guys all realize a Penn 345 only holds 50 more yrds of 30 lb right?
  8. why is it it seems to only be the 800 drags? the 600lc drags are fine but a 800 right out of the box is terrible. Kinda ridiculous a 189 dollar reel and you gotta redo the drags before it even takes a fish.
  9. Okuma Clarion 553Ls paired with an Okuma classic pro GLT copper rod is a great copper setup. Problem is though squeezing 500' of 45# copper on it will only leave you room for less then 100' of 50# braid backing. An Okuma Solterra 50L would be the next choice in the Okuma line up. 100 ft of backing? I put 300 yrds on and fit 650 ft of bloodrun 32 lb copper on. Had plenty of room left with 300 yrds of backing and a 400 45 lb copper.
  10. 1 yr old, one has 300 ft of coated cable other has 300 ft of cannon cable. Comes with covers 850 for the pair 925 with cannon aluminum swivel bases
  11. okuma clarion 553ls will fit 900 ft of power pro and 500 copper. its tight but fits. its a high speed reel
  12. what's the water temp? walleyes for the most part spawn when the water temp is 40-46 degrees. But there's always exceptions. As far as getting them casting sticks from shore its not unusual. You can get them all summer doing it on Oneida with the right wind. When they want to feed they will. Ive got them under the bridge in Sylvan beach casting from shore in Aug. 2 weeks ago tons of bait was in there and you could see them chased and hitting buckeyes on the surface on 23 fow. Also in thicker cabbage style weeds in 3-6 fow in mid summer Sent from my C771 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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