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  1. FIshed 7:30 - noon .Found thermocline in 100 fow in front on Sandy over 150. Went 3 for 4 on NK's above and below cline. Last one one an absolute screamer . A shame we never got to see it. Not alot of action but size was nice. Talked with another guy .He went to 440 fow and fished the scum line and went 3 for 3.
  2. thanks for report heading out in the AM (hopefully ) gives me a starting point.
  3. congrats - in the money !Nothing wrong with getting some cash for a passion. Thanks for the report .
  4. Crazy year for rescues have had 1-battery jump in the middle of Oneida , tow at Sandy, tow at Ibay, tow at sodus . We can never leave someone stranded. You never know when it will be you. Props to the guys that helped!
  5. Thanks for the update .I will be out of Sandy tomorrow morning and gives me a starting point.
  6. Thanks for the update heading out this weekend . Its been over a week and was unsure how far they moved out.
  7. Great video . Mate worked his butt off. Thanks for sharing.
  8. I have also been looking for one of these with no luck . If you find them please let me know . Jesse
  9. Went out of Sandy creek and had a tough go . Broke a rod fighting a 18lb. king . Top eye clogged on a run . Couldnt use sliders as they wouldnt slide down on release. Hope this gets better soon.
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