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  1. Is this a Ranger net ? If so i am interested . Rick5188780755
  2. Thanx Zinger but he actually needs the part that is broken on yours.So we are still looking.Again thanx!!
  3. Need probe even if not working for parts.Thanx pls. call Pete 5188214444
  4. Nothing sold yet.If interested pls.call 5188780755
  5. I will not b home till middle of week 2 ck. shipping. Would b easier 4 me 2 pick up .U can give me a call.
  6. Pls. call 5188780755 .Pick up in Mexico NY or Saratoga
  7. Swivel base $25.00 Pixie-Pro spoons flys $20.00 Raider spoons$20.00 Big flashers$20.00 20 metal dodgers $30.00 16 metal glo dodgers $30.00 Honey bees $20.00 13 mixed spoons$15.00.
  8. Used on my 26 PennYan.$30.00 each 5188780755.PU in Mexico NY or Saratoga
  9. Under water camera.High speed rigger.Swivel Base .Dual rod holder .New camera cable.2 cameras.DC moniter VCR. $500.00 5188780755
  10. I have a set if u are interested call Rick 5188780755.Also located in Mexico
  11. I have 12 if u are still interested 5188780755 Rick
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