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  1. Neo1945 In my opinion you just kinda nailed it.Some lures are very speed forgiving some your speed has to be spot on. The exact speed for one MFG might be different than another MFG. Bend a spoon catching a fish, Change the hooks. Whats the speed? Take this advise from a guy that is not going to buy anymore $$$$$ probes..... Yes I know fishhawks have helped some guys.... Not trying to offend anyone.
  2. Thanks for the report .Looks like the lake is up a bit.
  3. Glass or aluminum ,Your choice. Most important things for me are Having the trailer set up properly so boat goes on straight everytime,Being able to touch the water to rinse off your hands and release fish,a place for the damm cooler,Be able to get out of the sun, a cuddy to lock your gear in,a flag pole,easy access battery switch. lots of storage.good radio,strong gunnels to mount downriggers or drill holes in. Be able to stand up and move around a little you dont want to be stumbleing around over coolers and tackleboxes when fighting a fish..Power tilt kicker., and I repeat a huge amount of storage. Just 6 lifejackets takes up a lot of storage space. I think white is easiest color to keep clean. I do not know what you need for jigging ,never done it but Ive seen guys out in the direct sun. Ive probably missed a few things.Good luck in your search... Almost forgot probably most important...A place for ladies to pee...........
  4. I launched a 21ft Arima at meyers today. Its a glass boat around 5000lbs. I went in and out with my kicker. Looked shallow between the launch and the channel. Didnt fish just a shakedown.
  5. Spoons look great. Can never have enough of this color...
  6. Holy Mackerel had one listed here awhile back. I dont know if it sold. I do know if he says its good its good...
  7. Nice fish and your lucky to get the wife out fishing.
  8. Wow ! That fish had broad shoulders. Definite wall hanger. thanks for the post...
  9. Lookng for a good 602 microphone. Mine still works but the cord covering is brittle from the sun and.falling apart. Looking for one in good shape. Model number on the mic is HM-136W. Its a front mount. I do not know what other ones would work.
  10. Used to be able to order spin n glows directly from Yakima. You could buy bags of 25. Then they went to bags of 3. Can not seem to do that anymore.On their site they list various vendors to order from but none sell the color I want. I just tied my last two up last weekend.
  11. Dam Dlott I am really fighting the urge. I have 7 boxes of lures in the shed that I will never use.I have sworn to my self I am not buying anymore . But I need a couple of the Pink,blue with black spots sent to 13743. Paypal The pictures its hard to tell. Not the mag size . The ones that look to be C4.
  12. I am giving these a shot this year .They are hollow and two piece . Glow in the dark.Put your scent on the inside, they snap together.I plan to catch a few gobies . Use them for scent.. Might be the ticket after dark?????? or they could end up in the many boxes of stuff that should have worked that Ive got out in the shed. I know for a fact that a minnow with a piece of marshmellow on the hook is deadly in muddy water.Might try a little marshmellow. Would be great if it worked. I used smelly jelly years ago. Ended up with several lures with a coat of like grease that never seemed to come off... winner ,winner, chicken dinner.
  13. That really looks super. I will try to get there this weekend. Thanks for the pictures..
  14. X2 Skateman I can not believe they lasted this long.
  15. Fisherdude take a few pictures at Sampson if you would please. With the new ownership do they let you launch now? I was checking my gear and found this wear spot on a downrigger ball. I must have towed it a lot to wear like that. Looking at the colors it was probably one from years ago when I painted them all different colors to see witch color caught the most fish.
  16. Im covidcaptive so I took a ride up to check out the launch. I did not measure the water depth but i would guess a couple ft deep.I did measure from the center of the bridge to top of the water it was 9 1/2 ft. There was some skim ice That I think you would get into turning the boat around. Years ago up at Hughes I launched into skim ice and knocked the transducers off the back of the boat.
  17. I am old school.Back when I started in the fingerlakes old timers used to say on overcast days run black and purple. Silver copper, silver gold, brass, white or green on days when the sun is high depending on water color. That being said I have dodgers , rota-tors that I have painted up black and purple . My thought if it works on overcast low light days it should work deep. It does...I also will run copper gold deep. As for ROYGBIV I run red trebles. But its really hard to tell if it makes a difference. I think red hooks look good.
  18. They are some real beauties. Thanks for the pictures.
  19. I finally graduated to a smart phone. A different perspective.
  20. Had to go to Ithaca today. I dont believe your going to get out of Treman. The lake is super low.
  21. I just measured one they are 3 1/2 inches long. These are not the smallest. But I know they make a size larger. Sorry I do not have any...
  22. 10 flatfish, new in package. w/echip all great colors USA paypal accepted. No shows to buy stuff this year. $45.00 +$5.50 shipping No tax
  23. I have been trying to remember where you live its only been 20 yrs.I remember a hilltop with a bend in the road. Shoot me your ph number
  24. Bill $ 60 shipped I did not really want to get rid of all .of them .They are all NIP Tamiron. I go applachin way Quite often . I will consider them sold .We will get together. Geezz that had to be a record fast sale.
  25. Yea I have 7 more new ones. You have a good eye , These are made in Webster.
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