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  1. You are not crazy...i have found that a high percentage of the suspended lakers in cayuga have coloring often as bright as a brightly colored brown and a high percentage of them were natural spawn not stocked... all of the brightest colored ones I have caught were natural spawners. The exception being I found them on the bottom during october...I did not track everything I caught over the last couple of seasons...and while id like to think I have the discipline to do so and it would be interesting I probably dont. Other things like clients conversations and finding and landing fish take priority. I do know I caught between 250-300 lakers last year on my charters and paid close attention to whether they were clipped or not. I brought one up with a lampray on it, a few had scars but not many...when I would go shallower and work bottoms for browns I would invariably snag alot of lakers that were smaller in the low 20 inch category and be shaking them off... like rustyrat I could not find browns after the early season...
  2. Lmao strong opinions gotta love fishermen. I get them both ways but mostly suspended bottom dancing only when I have enough good experience on board to work riggers so I don’t lose equipment.
  3. Seminar???? What did I miss?
  4. Great reports guys congratulations
  5. I have found that certain colors can be hotter one week to the next based on a variety of factors, depth fish are at, time of year, fish preference day to day...Ive had green and white hot one day, then it wont hit anything next day suddenly bright orange is hot. I generally run upwards of 12 lines so I start with a spread of spoons and flasher flys in all different colors and see what starts hitting, then change to match. Ive had days where cant buy a spoon hit but ff are hot, and also the flip side.. biggest key is if you are marking and not hitting change out your presentation and color till they bite ...I run no more than 30 minutes when marking fish without a hit before changing out rigs.. Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  6. Hey that one in the middle is yours lol
  7. So below is the picture of my new dash and electronic installation done myself...took off old thinner dash with old electronics and one new lowrance...traced it on butcher paper and sent it to www.boatoutfitters.com They cut me a new replacement routed edge on a thicker plastic king starboard that matched the previous to a T. Then I measured 16 times lol and cut in the electronics myself and built a bracket system to hold them all in place from behind...viola dual networked lowrance units with total scan...downscan and side scan..plus a Garmin 740 to replace my older chart plotter to run the radar....if you need something custom they do it.. Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  8. Now now play nice Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. Actually it is a landlocked two major keys are the maxillary or back of mouth extends past the rear of the eye on a brown. This one does not...The adipose fin on top would have orange flecks and be a different shape... color can be affected by diet...so don’t judge the fish by color alone the way he is holding the fish isn’t helpful for another difference but my money is he’s right..
  10. Shhhhhh about that dang it!!!!🤔😂😂
  11. Agreed I found plenty of fish way outside temp ranges they should be feeding in and slammed them... but I found them first on sonar, then put the lures on them, at the right speed, then varied presentation and lure color to find what they wanted, as well as speed as a last resort via the zig zag. As you say all the tools in the box... and some days it takes ALL
  12. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.foxnews.com/great-outdoors/fishing-trips-great-for-mental-health-study-claims.amp
  13. Well I’ll raise my glass to the men who had the stones to give it a go and made it back not wearing a popsicle... our crap just ain’t meant for winter operations ...
  14. Where ever the fish will bite...
  15. Dang... what sk8 said....I dont have time to be too old school I use the hawk for speed and temp equally important and I get as much as 1 mph difference between top and bottom speed on cayuga. If you can eliminate variables that stop you from catching you will catch more... in my humble opinion... Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
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