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  1. Yes. Though the docks weren't in as of last week.
  2. Is there something we can do collectively as LOU members as a form of protest? Perhaps a petition that could be signed on this site? Just a thought. This is maddening.
  3. I agree with Les. I'm on here because of the wonderful insight of so many as it relates to fishing. I don't agree with the opinion posted, but let's think about drifting some egg sacks!
  4. Thanks for your input fisherman21. I think you're right.
  5. April is coming, and I love fishing for finger lakes tributary rainbows. Been doing it for 40 or more years, tie my own spawn sacks, but I'd like to hear from some others that love this type of fishing. So, I have always believed in hiding my hook in my presentation when applicable, ie worms and egg sacks. I catch a few bows in the tribs, but I miss more than that. I see some guys walking the creeks with what looks like an egg sack hooked through the mesh only. This would prevent damaging eggs and getting a better hook set, but is less stealthy. Any thoughts?
  6. What a great story. Darn near teared up. Thanks for sharing. GO BUCS!
  7. Please remove this political post. Another dog and pony show for a person who is the biggest joke in the country.
  8. sawbelliesam

    Canandaigua Fleas

    I read a post on a non finger lakes thread, and it implied that the fleas were already present on Canadaigua. Does anyone have a report on this.
  9. The Carhartt Store on 5&20 has minnows. Call first to be sure.
  10. Launched a 16" sea nymph there a week ago. Better with a dock, but not a problem.
  11. Thanks fish, but I'd love to know how I put it on my favs, finger lakes only. I appreciate your reply. That's one of the things that I enjoy about this site. Sorta like a family.
  12. Hey guys, really stupid question. I have LOU Finger Lakes discussion in my favorites and I look forward to clicking on it every morning. I told my buddy to put the finger lakes discussion on his favorites, bur he can't find just the finger lakes link. I have it.... just can't tell him how to get it.
  13. I don't have a clue, but thank you for the report and the best you could do with a description. I look forward to hearing some opinions.
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