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  1. Thinking about hitting Canadaigua at Woodville on Friday. Anyone know if the fleas are bad? Thanks. I'll post if I go.
  2. Wondering if the fleas are still bad on Canadaigua and Cayuga. Thanks.
  3. All Rainbows. They look different until they go to the lake. They have to be 15" to keep. I try to avoid catching them in the summer, as it stresses them... especially if you're using worms. They swallow them and are tough to release unharmed. They're the future of the fishery.
  4. No walleyes in Canadice. Some still in Hemlock. Rainbows are doing so-so. Browns are rare but present. Lakers have not been doing as well the past few years, but are still the top cold water species. Forage fish are stable, but a little low. Just my opinion.
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