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  1. The last time we fished their you didn't
  2. We are getting ready to start building our trout spinners, Its been alot of fun building all our tackle. We are trying to get our designs finished before the opener of each season.

  3. I have alot on my mind these days. We are looking at building a very wide variety of lures. Doe's anyone on here fish for muskies. we are right in the middle designing some lures for bigger fish

  4. We have been really busy making lures the past week.We have just started building our pike and musky lures.

  5. My Name is Joshua I own Rudesil Family Tackle, We are located in Dansville NY. WE build hand made fishing lures and soon are going to be building hand spun rods. We usually fish Lake Ontario a few times a years. This year we have been focusing in lure building, and getting the company started. How was the fishing this year.
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