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  1. Have you found anything that will work? I do have five of them and one is more or less for parts, I really don’t use them that much anymore on Ontario, I’ve switched to the 10’s. I still use them on my Erie boat, but the four working ones is plenty for the amount I use them. Where are you located? I keep my boat in Wilson but the rigger is in Ohio. I’ll be back up in a couple weeks and I could bring it if you can’t find something sooner.
  2. I believe the housings are all the same from that era? You could probably use any model with the plastic body.
  3. Lots of nice size bass and pike in twelve mile.
  4. I my old big Jon downriggers if the clutch slips on retrieval it would leave loose loops.
  5. Nice boat!! I have an airboat made by Duckwater Boats.
  6. You got some really nice riggers!! If I didn’t have 5 already that I don’t use I would of bought these!! I loved mine but switched to the new digi troll 10’s.
  7. I have a Rampage, true blue water boat, love mine.
  8. That is a really cool classic boat!!
  9. Mostly catch them on spoons, red or orange works best. Speed is faster than walleye speeds, 2.5 to 4.0 with lots of s-turns.
  10. What area of New York do you cover Slow Rollin? Do you make it to the Wilson area?
  11. You sure it’s not just the shifter cable?
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