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  1. I posted a couple more videos for Mark.
  2. 621A414D-02E0-4410-8264-217DE41FF190.mov DAE5856D-4324-43AB-8C65-5361A9BB9B19.mov
  3. I didn’t think it looked that big either. This one was a little over thirty pounds, 42 inches and looks bigger than the one she is holding.
  4. Saw it on the Michigan Sportsman site.
  5. Just saw a 42 pounders was caught on the Canadian side at Bluffers.
  6. Another awesome video Dan!! Cool seeing your mother reeling in a fish. Congratulations on the win!!!
  7. Very nice boat!! I love my Rampage!! Good luck with sale, should sell fast!!
  8. I have to agree NOAA was way off, Sunday was a bit bumpy, but not as bad as Saturday, but at least Saturday we knew it was going to be bad. Fished the same depths as Gill-T, lots of bait, decent marks. Mostly a meat bite, flies took a couple, spoon got one and an unwanted steelhead as we were dropping the ball. Saturday only managed three, didn’t stay out very long, just too rough. Sunday we went 8 for 14, nothing huge but nice class of fish. Again Minion was the top performer, bringing most of the hookups!
  9. Really loving Minion today!!
  10. Fishthief on here repairs them as well. He is in Olcott.
  11. I prefer UV when the suns bright, flashers, meat rigs, spoons, anything UV.
  12. Nice clean boat!! Should sell fast!!
  13. The Ziggy board pulled nice even in today’s big waves, definitely happy so far!
  14. Definitely a little rough out today, decided to stay in closer, worked 125-200 fow, continued to build and called it at 9:30. We managed 5 fish, between Wilson and Olcott.
  15. They are working great for us, no complaints so far.
  16. They don’t nose dive at all!! Tried the big Offshore as well last year, first time using it took a nose dive, fell off and never did find it!! The Ziggy board worked great right out of the package, no weight to move or modification needed. They just don’t come with any clips because everyone likes certain ones. They do sell a clip for them but we were not familiar with that style clip so we used the OR-18.
  17. Just ordered a couple Ziggy Z Boards, Godzilla size, tried them today for the first time and they worked great! Put the OR-18 snapper clip on the front and OR-16 on the back.
  18. We ended up with 9 for 15, had a couple first time guys at the reels. 350-400 fow, Minion cotton candy paddle!! Gotta love Minion!! UV jelly meat rig. Can’t say enough about this world class fishery!!!
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