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  1. The Penn 345 will hold 500 feet, I have 2 with 600 feet of 45#, braid backer.
  2. These last couple years on Erie have been incredible for the walleye! I don’t see a need for a Fish Hawk on Erie at this time, on Ontario....definitely!!!
  3. The first thing you have to decide is the boat worth putting the money into it? If so you could try Michigan Motorz.
  4. Come on!!! The 600 coopers are fun to reel in!!
  5. That doesn’t even look like the same boat!! Awesome job!!
  6. Did they do an oil change and forget to fill it with new oil? Just a thought?
  7. I only have the one copy but if you need more information let me know.
  8. I don’t think your going to get an answer, the post is a little old!!
  9. That far out probably won’t be very good when trailering either. At least a swim platform kicker mount like mentioned above would be a lot less stress on the swim platform.
  10. Some bait companies cannot ship to Ohio direct, Ohio laws will not allow it.
  11. It’s frustrating not being able find it, sold out, place not open, etc. I started buying it by the case beginning of each season so I don’t run into those problems.
  12. Yes by 5:00 am but you can stop afterwards, they are open fairly late sometimes. I’ve seen them open till 7:00 pm if they are working on something.
  13. Go to the Boat Doctor, they open early and stay late.
  14. Received my tournament rigs, they look great, can’t wait to get them wet!!
  15. Nice going guys!!! Now I’m waiting for another of your awesome videos of the weekend!!!
  16. Wow!! That’s clean, should sell fast!! Nice Rig!!
  17. Looks like Olcott is going to be really busy this weekend!!! Not many places left open!!
  18. No you do not have to have a name on the boat. You only need a name and hailing port if it’s federally registered.
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