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  1. I have a Rampage, true blue water boat, love mine.
  2. That is a really cool classic boat!!
  3. Mostly catch them on spoons, red or orange works best. Speed is faster than walleye speeds, 2.5 to 4.0 with lots of s-turns.
  4. What area of New York do you cover Slow Rollin? Do you make it to the Wilson area?
  5. You sure it’s not just the shifter cable?
  6. Yes he is out of business!! Good luck trying to get your money back, very similar situation as Finger Lakes Tackle, website is still up but he’s been gone for years now!!
  7. He is a member on here, Big Al
  8. He uses John King heads. Cotton Candy is my favorite.
  9. Minion cotton candy has caught more fish for us than anything!!
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