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Tom Rowe

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  1. Dryshod arctic storm. Designed by the originator of the Muck boot company.
  2. Tom Rowe

    6/8 Oneida

    Very nice!,
  3. I just installed a brand new hook2 5 tripleshot on my boat. I turned it on in the garage and noticed a faint clicking sound coming from the head unit. I know it’s common to hear a clicking sound come from the transducer itself. I’ve never heard the sound come from the head unit before. The unit seems to function properly. I’m wondering if anyone here has experienced the same issue, and if it’s anything I need to worry about.
  4. I just installed a brand new Lowrance hook 5 triple shot on my boat. While playing around with it in the garage I noticed a faint clicking sound coming from the head unit. I know it’s common to hear the transducer itself clicking but I’ve never heard the noise come from the head unit. The unit seems to function properly...I’m just wondering if anyone hear has experienced the same issue.
  5. Looking for a Bimini for my Lund Impact. Something between 84”and 87 1/2” wide (gunwale to gunwale). Please pm or call/text 585 721 5235. Thanks in advance.
  6. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Good luck with the sale sir!
  7. Once fired .308 Federal Gold Medal Match. Approx 300pcs. Once fired federal .556 (nickel) approx 100 pieces...mixed in with the .308 mixed .45, 40 and 9mm. Roughly 50 to 75 pieces of each. All nickel. None of it has been polished, sized, or deprimed. $50.00 for everything. Local pick up or I can ship USPS flat rate at buyers expense.
  8. I found some ice fishing equipment near the public launch on Honeoye...looks like it bounced out of someone’s sled. If it belongs to you send me PM.
  9. Had a little mishap and lost a boom off one of my riggers. Lost the ball and cable fishing, then the boom became unscrewed from the block on the ride home. Anyone out there have a boom they are willing to sell? I know its a long shot, but it cant hurt to ask. For the record, my boom is somewhere on I-90 west between Verona and Rochester... Thanks in advance.
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