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Tom Rowe

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  1. Ill take it. Sent you a PM sir.
  2. Had a little mishap and lost a boom off one of my riggers. Lost the ball and cable fishing, then the boom became unscrewed from the block on the ride home. Anyone out there have a boom they are willing to sell? I know its a long shot, but it cant hurt to ask. For the record, my boom is somewhere on I-90 west between Verona and Rochester... Thanks in advance.
  3. Where are you located sir? How much for just the bumpers (if you are willing to split the items up)?
  4. Where are you located?
  5. I will take them both. I work in the Richester area also
  6. Hello all, I'm looking to purchase at least 6 LC reels to outfit some new rods. Please PM me if you have any that you can part with. Thanks in advance!!!