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  1. What ever speed is producing fish, don’t be so concerned about everyone else’s speed. It’s the speed that YOU catch fish at, then repeat that speed.
  2. Nice hook underneath the bait but wanted nothing to do with what we were offering!!
  3. So much bait out here in 375 fow, the sonar thinks it’s bottom!!!
  4. Minion strikes again!! Custom chrome Minion meat rig and cotton candy paddle!!
  5. It’s definitely tough fishing out here. We found the skippys but that’s about it!
  6. Thank you, marking a lot of bait between 220 and 300 fow, between Wilson and Olcott. Unfortunately not many marks😡
  7. Awesome job Garry!! You got some happy youngsters that are probably hooked for life now!!!
  8. Had it happen once, beginning of the season, forgot to relube the o rings. Dried it out and had to replace the batteries. Just have to make sure the o rings are greased.
  9. I think some of the tape has color to it also, I never peeled it off to see? They are very durable, never had any peel off.
  10. Looks like the video was taken at James Island, Charleston, SC.
  11. I usually only run into traffic like that when fishing the bar, that’s crazy!!
  12. I posted a couple more videos for Mark.
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