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  1. I'll take $150 for the (31) that are left
  2. I am expecting payment this week jk1
  3. Sounds good, I will send you a private message with my address. Thanks
  4. Yes a check is fine, as soon as I receive it I'll mail them out. Just to be clear, you are getting four vests for $45 total. A deal, LOL!
  5. BPS Adult Universal Life Vests - (4) Pack NEW These have never been used or worn, black and blue in color. $45 TYD for all (4), USPS Priority Mail, PayPal [email protected]
  6. Machzrcr, If Jeff (mr.mo 55) wants your LSS transducer I will take the graph, bracket, power cord and 2D transducer. Ron
  7. Still (31) releases with clips available, $75 per dozen or $175 for what's left.
  8. Another dozen sold, (31) with clips still available.
  9. One dozen SOLD (pending payment) to finsntins. (43) with clips still available. Thanks!
  10. If someone is interested in a smaller qty., I will sell (12) for $75 TYD.
  11. If you can't find anything on here check out the page on Facebook called " Walleye Boats for Sale on Facebook ".
  12. Amish Outfitters Planer Board Shockers - USED Cleaning out more equipment that I just don't use anymore. $20 TYD for the pair, US Only please via USPS Priority Mail
  13. SOLD to Reelfanatic pending payment