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  1. Only (21) Releases left, $100 TYD
  2. Works for me John. PayPal [email protected] Thanks
  3. for sale : usa

    Silver sides and pink bottom on the Watermelon?
  4. I'll take $150 for the (31) that are left
  5. I am expecting payment this week jk1
  6. Sounds good, I will send you a private message with my address. Thanks
  7. Yes a check is fine, as soon as I receive it I'll mail them out. Just to be clear, you are getting four vests for $45 total. A deal, LOL!
  8. BPS Adult Universal Life Vests - (4) Pack NEW These have never been used or worn, black and blue in color. $45 TYD for all (4), USPS Priority Mail, PayPal [email protected]