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  1. I have never seen skein available at a bait shop. I also don’t really think I have even tried I will have to look into that!
  2. To be noted I am not illegally trying to “purchase” fish eggs all I’m trying to do is find a nice fisherman out there that would like to help me out In obtaining salmon skein. I know it’s that time of the year and cleaning your fish people discard the eggs. I am located in Penn Yan but I frequently am in Rochester for work. I will be out of town Monday-Thursday the next two weeks but I will be in town Friday-Sunday. Looking for fall salmon bait and as everyone knows skein is a go to when they first come into the creeks.
  3. What’s going on A1 you are out of Geneva and that’s super close you guys do boat carpet ? And also looking to get a deep wax to get rid of some oxidation. Let me know thank you!
  4. There’s no doubt that the laker population is out of control talked to a guy after ice out one year and he came back to the docks after trolling and said dang ice fisherman caught all the lakers. I laughed out loud and thought to my self that he must be doing something wrong because the lake trout population is insane and they are small and skinny to many fish not enough bait. Feel like that’s also why were seeing them in 15 fow last year trying to fish for Perch not enough bait to much competition the drifters had to go so shallow.
  5. Stream cure then powder cure from all that I have read seems like the best method for LOOSE roe. Not sure about skein from what I have read. Maybe because skein is not yet mature and attached to the membrane still so they might be a little firm to begin with ? But anyways if you cure eggs and then try the water/stream cure all your eggs will end up popped. No biggy though we all learn from our mistakes, if I catch a egg milking hen on the stream for now on I will make sure to grab a bit of that stream water in the bag as well. Thanks Rich for the help I appreciate it.
  6. Going to try it after dinner tonight I will let you guys know how they turn out.
  7. I know this is my first post but I am having a huge problem! This was my first time I have cured my own eggs usually float fish beads and jigs but this year I really wanted to stick with roe bags and hope it got me more first. Got it me a late stream salmon collected it’s eggs in a ziplock took them home put them on paper towel dried them for a15 min threw them in a bag put Borax O fire on them till the eggs were all coated put them in the fridge for 2 days tossing them every once every morning and night. Test an egg watch it bounce slightly and second bounce they bust. Tried tying a bag and every single egg is so weak they break. Took all my eggs and put them in a jar tried also curing them in liquid cure used pink to make sure they sucked up the color so I knew the cure was working, but then again same result WEAK EGGS. Is there a trick I can do to harden them up enough to tie or are my eggs no good now ?
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