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  1. I was very impressed with your spoons. He even met me in the parking lot of the sporting goods store I was going to to pick up a dipsey rod.
  2. Total newbie to spring browns. What lures stick baits,spoons etc wouldn't you leave the dock with out? Colors, sizes would be a great help.
  3. 7.o ft med light st Croix and a 6.6 st Croix med light both with phleugars, Usually 6lb test will use 8 . Also have a team diawa vertical jigging rod with a cabelas reel.
  4. I must have just missed you. need some more rain and a warm up.
  5. Fishing around Murphy's Island Chris? I was pounding them down there. Was hoping this last high water was going to push the ice out but I don't think it did. My buddy got a 31 incher right around that time, no big ones for me.
  6. Bought some last week,can't wait to try them friday through Sunday.
  7. What length rod would you suggest? I see alot of people on here talking about 10.5 footers, would I need the longer rods with this set up?
  8. I have a openbow 20 ft boat. I'm considering running Dipsy's deploded off the rails on the bow. Thought it would keep them away from my downriggers. Anyone ever try this? From what I'm reading I should not use a plastic Rod holder for the dipsey rods, any suggestions? Or should I run the rods on a straight behind the boat, my downriggers are off the sides,but I only have about 7 foot beam.
  9. Just wondered how far back off the ball people have been rigging their set ups?
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