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  1. Golden boy with a blister rig has been out producing it in high sun. Did pretty good on a green songin paddle with a bam. Last trip it was a Michigan Stinger green jeans paddle and a bam. Took a bunch of matures.
  2. Quick trip to the oak Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday. Fished 27.5 -32 line. Thought we had it dialed in Tuesday afternoon found an area 28.5 line where we were moving rods with a couple doubles and consistent bite. Wednesday one bite in 3 hours in the same area, decided to pull and move deep and got back into them at 32 line.. Thanks for the heads-up Andy Krall Raspberry carbon 14 was firing consistently until this 20 lber totally blew it up. Currents and temps were moving around a lot.
  3. Not exact but close current etc will effect depth.
  4. Great 👍. Took a buddy couple years ago for his second time ever. We tripled he says what are we going to do? Loosened the drag a little, who ever gets there fish in first grabs that rod. After three days he says, now I get your addiction
  5. Contact Richard Hajecki at krenzer marine, he can definitely help you out.
  6. Most likely just uv. What company? Moonshine calls their spoons rv but it's basically uv.
  7. Sounds like they want to give you a one time payment, and then people can access water front on your property. https://www.governor.ny.gov/news/governor-hochul-announces-new-pilot-program-improve-public-access-along-western-new-yorks-lake
  8. Sounds like they want to give you a one time payment, and then people can access water front on your property.
  9. We use 10.5 and 9.5 rod lengths. 3 and 1 settings. Tried to find a picture of how far apart the rods are but didn't have one and the boats 2.5 hours away, maybe a foot separation 22 ft islander. Another video https://fb.watch/aqUL9IU4jn/
  10. 2nd Pfizer shot gave me tachycardia, not touching the booster. Dad and aunt both got covid couple weeks after getting booster.
  11. Couldn't get cutbait before a trip one time used strips of whiting that I brined caught fish on it.
  12. https://tomahawkfishingcharter.com/ spoons
  13. There are some dipsey rods on ebay Found this too. https://thereelshot.com/okuma-big-lake-tournament-dipsey-2-pc-rod-medium-heavy-10/ https://tangledtacklecompany.com/collections/diver-rods/products/okuma-classic-pro-diver-rod-90-cp-dd-902m-medium Looks like tackle haven might have some dipsey rods too.
  14. You can get meat rigs and flies directly from the Atomik site. Spoons are definitely tough right now there are a few people in the classifieds that can paint what you need. You check the spoon manufacturers sites directly?
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