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  1. Pretty simple but very good. Equal amounts of soy sauce and maple syrup. Little bit of balsamic vinegar or apple cider viniger.Chopped garlic and onion. Salt pepper. You can add some red pepper flakes or ginger if it works for you. Marinate for 5- 6 hours. Preheat your grill spray with pan or rub some oil on the grates. Place your fillets skin side down top with some sesame seeds and cook to done. I don't flip them. Sent from my SM-T510 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. It sure was. Nice not to hear you should have been here yesterday. Don from the reports I've been seeing lake side and my son from the last few days fishing is tough. Cover the whole water column and do some hunting. Hopefully by the 27th water sets up, bait has started moving in and the game will be on.
  3. If it wasn't for the fleas I'd have 15 lb on all the time.
  4. I love first and last light. Yes they tend to bite better early but I also find on a full moon that can be reduced, bright moon leads to fish taking advantage of it. When the bite slows down in the morning it's time to change tactics and many times what you're running. Keep a log lure,time, depth, direction you're trolling, cloud cover, barometer etc. You'll find a pattern and it will help you determine what depths your spoons and flasher fly combinations tend to work better. A lot of things determine where fish will be in the water column. Bright sun, clouds and what the wind has been are things to pay attention to. Kings are eating machines you find bait and they usually won't be far away. Do you have a fish hawk or other speed temp probe?
  5. Here's a decent read. https://www.glangler.com/blogs/articles/the-art-of-trolling
  6. One thing that helped me a lot was when I was fishing with my buddy and I saw Keating on Kings in his cottage and asked if I could borrow it. You can get his books and videos at his website. Dan Keating Google it.😁 He also has multi specie books. Fishing with the same guy also lowered my learning curve. If you don't know someone that knows this game, book a charter and tell the captain you want to learn. Some guys also have on the water salmon schools. What you'll learn will lower the curve and in the long run and save you money in the long run. It's a big lake and knowing how to narrow down where you're going to find fish is a major factor.
  7. Hit Wilson and the bar this weekend. Planned on fishing the Oak but reports and surface temps changed my mind. 5/22 Wilson got on the water about 1:30 riggers at 30,40,50 and dipseys at 80,100 and a ten color. Set up in 55 feet right in front of port and when we hit 66 ft we had our first King. Steady pick and about three o'clock things really picked up. The green ladder back in the top picture took the most fish and gator and white glow two face did well too. Took a couple fish on the dipseys but the metal dominated the spread. 10 for 12 with one Laker. 5/23 Wilson. Set up in 50 ft again and worked 60 to 90 ft about 5:30 and noticed it was a little foggy west. Dipseys with a black paddle green dot glow and big fin glow flyand a wonderbread with a blue glow fly both took fish back to back. Then the fog settled in thick . Tripled on the same spoons and continued a west troll because I didn't want try turning in the fog. A couple doubles and just just a great day.The green ladder back at 40 ft was firing consistently. 10 for 14 all kings. 5/24 The bar. On the water at 5:30 set up by the red can and started an east troll. Fish every where on the screen started the riggers at 30,40, 50 marked bait on the bottom and went to 60,36,46 on the riggers at about 6:15 it was game on the white two face at 60 started banging. Two doubles and consistent bites. We caught and released 13 quality kings by 10:30. Only took 2 fish on flasher flies and I tried a lot of different combinations. Biggest fish was about 24lbs. Fish buried the rod on the strike and took a half a spool of line on the initial run and I couldn't move him for over ten minutes. Finally landed him after 20 minutes. After not being able to fish last year, back surgery in September and having 6 spinal injections two weeks ago, this was a special 3 days. The green ladder back is on the floor in the top photo anyone know the name of it?
  8. Fish307 or you can order direct from AFW . https://www.fish307.com/search.php?search_query=coated downrigger wire&section=content
  9. Uv flash light works great. Or you can do something like this.
  10. I wouldn't leave the dock without my divers.
  11. If you don't find it here, I saw this yesterday. https://www.tacklehaven.com/okuma-great-lakes-trolling-combos-4-pack-choose-your-model/
  12. I was just watching the press briefing and Cuomo was saying that the states need to coordinate together about things " if our Marinas are closed in the summer Connecticut and New Jersey won't want NY people going there" get ready think he had a Freudian slip
  13. I was just watching the press briefing and Cuomo was saying that the states need to coordinate together about things " if our Marinas are closed in the summer Connecticut and New Jersey won't want NY people going there" get ready think he had a Freudian slip.
  14. With meat plants shutting down, fishing for food could be essential pretty darn quick.
  15. So the cloth masks should be washed every time they are used and the n95 and surgical masks should be thrown out after they're worn correct? I just hope some of the people that I used to register at the PCP and walk-in have started taking a shower more than once every ten days.
  16. I just heard on the radio that Cuomo is thinking about allowing drive in theaters to open, because everyone would be contained in the car???? Anyone hear this? It makes no sense.
  17. βˆ†^ what he said. Like aqua too.
  18. Offshore IV, me too. Had surgery in September and still having a lot of issues so they did a CT and myelogram in February had an appointment with my doctor on March 9th and he wanted an MRI because he needs a better view because a cyst might have grown back in the spine. Well they stop elective procedures a couple days later. Last week I had to borrow a walker because I couldn't walk and now I'm having an MRI Tuesday. A lot of lives effected by this.
  19. I understand freaking a little because you can't go fishing. I couldn't fish all last year because of my back and might not be able to fish this year so I feel your pain. I've basically been home bound for over 11 months. BUT I haven't had to deal with Not being able to see my baby born because of the virus. Having a loved one die and not be able to go to their funeral or visit them in their time of need. Had to go to work in an essential job and worry if I'm going to bring the virus home to my family. Laid in a hospital bed not knowing if I'm going to go home and not be able to have a visitor. Hope this ends soon for everyone.
  20. Is this stocking Kings, I thought they were going into the pens or are they browns and steelhead?
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