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  1. Some questions: Does anyone keep pre-tied leads of fluorocarbon to run from the dipsy to the spoon? If so, how long and how do you store them? Thx Brian
  2. Thanks for the info! I went out this week with my 4 boys. We ran 2 flasher fly’s on the riggers Deeper 50-70 ft and spoons off the dipsy’s a bit shallower 20-40ft. Stayed around 100ft of water. We caught 4 nice steelhead and a king. Soooo exciting for my boys. Dad too!!! Lol I don’t have a fish hawk. I’m still stinging from the initial setup cost of everything else When the sting wears off I may consider it. might be awhile. Right now all I have is surface temp. Hummingbird Helix 7.
  3. That’s was a great article. Thanks for all you help everyone. I went out today and landed 2 steelhead. I ran 2 dipsy’s high with spoons and 2 riggers low with flasher flies. The high dipsy spoons hit both fish. Not many boats on the water where I am. That in itself may tell me something. Would you say the early morning is the best time of day for action? Brian
  4. Sorry. Last line should have read ...I’ve read lead lengths from weight to flasher from as little as 8 feet to as much as 60 feet.
  5. Great advice guys! Thank you. Thank goodness for grocery stores or I would starve as a fisherman. Lol So it sounds like I am now fishing for lake trout. If what I understand... fish in about 100 feet of water. Target the bottom. I have the capacity to run a spread of 4 lines total, 2 downriggers and 2 dipsy’s. I’m fishing the north shore near Newcastle/Bowmanville. Run spoons with flashers? Or just spoons. Can you please clarify lead length from weight to flasher. (I’m sure this varies based on preference, but I’ve read feet and as much as 60 feet) Or run flasher/flies that deep? Really appreciate the help!
  6. Good day United, I started fishing last year on Lake Ontario in July and August on my first new boat. I got lucky enough to land a couple salmon. It was so exciting, but the truth is it was pure luck. I spent hours trolling and trying to learn my electronics and gear. I’m running a Hummingbird helix 7 and 2 electric downriggers. Also running 2x 10lb shark weights. I have young boys and they are slowly losing interest in fishing because their dad can’t seem to land the fish!! This year I’ve tried to target steelhead with spoons and flashers at 25-40 feet, and I’m still getting skunked. My question: Is there a setup and depth that is a “catch all” for a few species? Appreciate any help you may offer.
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