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  1. Anyone know of an accurate diver depth chart for dreamweaver deeper divers for running wire? The chart that comes with them are made using 30# braid. I have also seen that they run quite a bit different than the dipsy wire charts . Any info will be appreciated ! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Very nice! great to see ! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. can let them out in any order, We set ours on a # 1 for the deeper diver and the # 3 setting for higher divers.Always put your deeper divers to the back of the boat and higher divers in front.When deploying them give yourself enough room with traffic that you can creep them out slowly with lines straight back without having to turn the boat . Let them out slow enough that the divers continue pulling out while dropping them. The # 1 and 3 setting gives you a good spread between them.
  4. all you need is a simple overhand knot. Start by putting a small piece of shrink tubing on wire,run the wire through the swivel and make an overhand knot.(Like the first step in tying your shoe )pull it tight using pliers on the tag slide the shrink tubing over the tag end and heat it.Works great for downrigger swivels as well
  5. food for thought ,Navigation on great lakes and inland seaways vessels approaching each other must pass port side to port side.Does not matter if you have been on a consistant track. Always make adjustments in your heading to pass port to port and you will be in the right
  6. Pay attention to your down speed when you get a hit, try to duplicate when your reset. Trust the probe ! as you will usually have quite a difference down speed vs surface speed. (Example) when trolling directly into the current your surface speed may be 1.5 mph or so and your down speed will be 2.5 , when you turn and troll with the current you may have to troll up to 3.5 mph surface speed to be at 2.2 mph at the ball. Trust your probe !
  7. What works for me is to use 30# big game for main line tied to a 50 # spro swivel that will run through the guides well. In spring for browns I will use a 30 ft 15# leader on my board lines. The 30 # helps a spoon stay higher in the water so it can be run in 3-5 ft of water off a board. On the riggers I use 30 # main line year round tied to a 50 # spro then a 10 ft 15# leader for browns, a 10 ft 20# leader for salmon fishing spoons or a 10 ft 30 # leader for flash/flies.The main line will hold up good all spring and summer. I like to respool with fresh main line just before the fall derby. Using this method I am able to pre tie all of my leaders for the year and have them ready . when changing leaders you only have to tie to the spro on the main line, its a good time saver in the boat so you can get the baits back in the water quick.
  8. I leave them on , but cut off the one point that hangs downward on the front hook as its trolled. Helps keep the front hook from hanging up on bottom.
  9. dont straighten them and reuse them. they will snap on the next fish
  10. its mounted on its own bracket, free swinging . it is operated by a hydraulic pump mounted under deck, two hoses from pump to cylinder mounted on outboard. Turn and steer with remote.once the boat is going the direction you want it will hold its coarse. It can also be connected to your gps to run a route or waypoint to waypoint. I do have an EZ steer mount on it , just in case it stops working, I can hook up to outdrive and steer from cockpit. Its a little expensive but its been a great investment.
  11. I have a Garmin TR-1 gold installed for my yamaha 9.9 . It does an excellent job on my 23' Penn yan. Holds tru into 5' waves with no problem . The remote controls both speed and steering.
  12. it took a half hr to drink a beer??? lol Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  13. browns like 55-61 degree water and are usually found where that temp meets the bottom.without knowing temps I would start by fishing in approx 60 fow within 10' of the bottom and gradually move out keeping tight to bottom until you find them. (example)If you catch a brown in 70fow keep working that depth as more will be there,you should see them on your graph if that depth shuts off ,the 55-61 degree water may have moved in or out a little. Temps can stay consistant or change hrly depending on wind and current.small to medium size spoons will work. Investing in a fishhawk temp system would be a good investment for you as it takes all the guess work out of it. The browns could be as shallow as 30' or as deep as 110'. Just depends on recent winds and currents. good luck!
  14. We do well with a 36" leader from 11" flasher to bait head. Be sure to put a slight bend in the rocket behind the baithead to get a good roll. We catch plenty of fish without using scent.
  15. try chanel 8 out of Sodus chanel 68 out of Hughes
  16. check wire on starter is tight, also check that ground wire to block is tight
  17. ours came on spoons riggers down 6' and100' back toplines 150' back with small splitshot 8' above spoon
  18. we were out in same area east of maxwell,did our damage in 15-25 fow toplines and riggers down 6' on warrior medium size spoons.shorline was 38 degrees found 41degrees out deeper 13 for 17 one brown about 8 lbs rest were 3-6
  19. I have a 21' Penn tan tempest with a 9.9 high thrust long shaft Yamaha. It does just fine 2- 3 gallons per day trolling 8-10 hrs Sent from my QMV7B using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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