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  1. Keep me posted Jesse. Gotta run the boat a few times before the outer banks trip.
  2. Glad someone started this thread. Can't wait for Mexico Point to be ready.
  3. My best is 46" and it was 21 pounds. Fish that size is 15 to 20 years old.
  4. I've caught many over 40 inches and have personally landed several 4 footers my friend caught. However, the pike fishing is not what it used to be up there. Too much enmity towards an amazing fish. 10 years ago it was a given that you could catch several 15 to 20 pound pike on a trip. Nowadays I hope for one 40 incher on a week trip. Might find some new water. DEC could have made this lake a trophy pike lake, instead they feed what's left with stocked brook trout that no one targets.
  5. Sounds good, but can't find them or any discussion of them on the www. There is Bo Cara Farm on that road, but it's an organic beef farm.
  6. I've had venison dogs done by Kevins Custom Cuts north of Auburn before and they were amazing, but I'd like to have hotdogs done a little closer to home. I live in Lafayette and Marsh Mill is not that far away. Anyone ever have hotdogs made there before? They are 1 buck less per pound than Kevins, but I want good ones. I see they also make pepperoni...
  7. Looking for some feedback. I hunt in southern onondaga county. Been in woods pretty consistently for several weeks. Even up until this morning the deer I've seen have been meandering aimlessly. I've gotten reports of chasing in several areas in CNY. Have you seen chasing in fabius, tully, lafayette, pompey areas? Thx!
  8. I thought I posted weeks back to give an update... There was a bare wire contacting the metal on the engine computer box. 2 cent fix plus $200 of diagnostics...
  9. I couldn't find anything loose.
  10. I took a closer look and got a second set of eyes and ears. When my daughter turned the key over there was a faint electrical pop at location 1 (see photo). When I tried to turn it over a 2nd time a small puff of smoke came out from behind the starter in the vicinity of what appears to be some sort of electrical panel to the right of the starter (bright silver square box in photo). I couldn't pinpoint the location exactely, but it has more worried. Feel like I need professional help...
  11. Ignition Issue Having an off boating year.. I roughly puttered across Lake Ontario a few weeks ago. Figure I need new plugs since I had some bad gas issues that lasted a couple seasons. On Saturday I went walleye fishing. At the dock the boat tried turning over for a second and then nothing. It beeps when you turn the key, but not even a click. I have not put the new plugs in yet. Also the starter is brand new, but worked like a charm while on Ontario. Any ideas? Loose wire somewhere? BTW, its a 90 HP Merc 4-Stroke EFI 2008
  12. You should never put a pike in any net. I've caught hundreds up to 4' and never netted one. They'll roll right up along the boat when they are ready and you can carefully pick them up under the chin. Just have to make sure to keep your hands away from the gills and rakers or you'll bleed.
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