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  1. Like brand new Shimano Talica 16 2-speed reel that has braid on it. This was used 4 times in freshwater. Lake Cumberland Kentucky to be exact. This reel is amazing. Will sell it for $300.00 OBO
  2. Great collection of 50 excellent condition vintage fishing lures, 50!! Many makes and models from vintage Hulu poppers to Heddon, Cotton Cordell to Rebel as well as some fantastic Rapal's. Included in this collection is a Heddon River Runt Spook Floater that by itself is valued close to $200!! There are many interesting and valuable lures here. Asking $400.00 OBO. Private message if interested.
  3. These are novelty reels at best but old and collectible. Brings back the memories as a kid fishing farm ponds. All work great! $90.00 obo with free shipping JOHNSON FISHING REELS COLLECTION 2 ARE MODEL 97 NEW OLD STOCK MODELS AS FOLLOWS JOHNSON MOD. 97 QUANITY 2 JOHNSON FORCE MOD.315 JOHNSON MOD.088 JOHNSON CENTURY MOD.100 JOHNSON CRAPPIE PRO GRAPHITE JOHNSON SKIPPER MOD.125 JOHNSON 710 MOD.710B JOHNSON SPRINT MOD.445
  4. I do not either thats why my deals are straight forward.
  5. If your not interested in the item please dont clutter the thread, sheesh And ontherise I have no idea but it never hurts to help in life its called pay it forward.
  6. they way im selling it in bulk averages a little over 2 dollars per spool to break it up you are looking at 5 bucks a spool, they buyer will still be saving around 3 bucks per spool if i break it up however im not here to get rich. buying it new individually you'd pay over 300 bucks for all this. yet everyone says they know which is the best way to sell it haha. I am an avid fisherman and have been for over 40 years. all my proceeds i get from sales on different items goes to a charity i do each Christmas. We give out tablets to youth who are not privileged to have one.
  7. message me and let me kow how much you are looking for
  8. I have 43 spools of 1/4 lb spools of fishing Line, most of it Stren Hi Impact and Stren Stamina. I have the Stren hi impact in 12 and 15 lb test....some is clear, some green, some blue. I have stren Stamina in 20,30,40, and 50 lb test...all clear. I also have a few spools of trilene Big Game in 12 lb test...green only. All the spools are new, shrink wrapped. These are 1/4 lb spools...so the lighter the lb test, the more line. I have 2 large landing nets...55" long. I Do not Take paypal only checks, money orders and or amazon email gift card. If check or money order I will make sure the check fully clears before the items are shipped. If amazon email gift card I will send next business day. All for 125.00. or best offer
  9. PSE wave bow fishing bow. Still in great condition 3 seasons old used 1 Comes with: PSE wave bow 3 arrows Ams retriever Soft carrying case Asking 200.00 Accept popmoney.com or amazon email gift card as payment. Great bow set. Not much of a bow fisherman myself. Ships with tracking after payment clears, Inbox me if interested, Thanks guys I ship with ups.
  10. Assorted deep sea baits. Halco, King Rapalla, Plastics, etc..... leader materials, snaps, swivels, hooks, weights, leader pliers, fighting belts, bags and caseses. Everything you need!! Every bag and case is full of baits. Too many to list. These came from a friend selling out his equipment. Not sure of value but he did say around $900 however I do not agree so I will take the most reasonable offered to me. Donnie
  11. We usually give out locally however message me your needs and we will see if we can get you on that list my friend.
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