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  1. Ok, I'll start..... I picture a good fish coming up behind a lure and barely nipping the last hook just to test things out and accidentally getting lip hooked. Angler feels the weight of the fish and fights it to the boat and without fail, the first words out of their mouth once the fish is in the net...... "she just crushed it!" This cold weather has me watching too many musky videos on YouTube recently.
  2. Support those who support us. Check out the latest deals, news, events and other happenings from LOU SPONSORS. + CLICK HERE TO VIEW ============================================== If you have your own items you wish to sell, please see below for a tutorial on how to post your pictures. You want to share your photos with the community but are not sure how. No problem. This step by step tutorial will walk you through exactly how to post your own pictures on Lake Ontario United. There are TWO ways to post pictures on LOU. The First Way (and the easiest way) Simply click on the "Start New Topic, Reply to this topic or Use Full Editor (quick reply)" option to bring up the full post editor. After that, click on the ATTACHMENTS option below the post body and upload your images. The Second Way Setting up PhotoBucket Account. We need to make our images available on the Internet. Having them on your personal computer is not good enough so what we are going to do is setup an account with PhotoBucket that will host our images ONLINE for us! 1.) Visit and register for an account or sign in if you already have one. 2.) Under where it says "Chose an Image" you will see a "Browse" button. Click on the "Browse" button and select the picture on your computer that you would like to upload. 3.) Once the image from your computer has been selected, click "Open". 4.) Then simply press the "UPLOAD" button. 5.) Your image will upload to the website and you will receive a confirmation message saying "Your Images have Uploaded!" Simple right? Ok, so now we have taken the images from your computer and put them on our Photobucket account. Now we want to share this image with members of the LOU community. 1.) Log into your photobucket account if you are not already. 2.) Scroll down to the bottom and you will see all the images you have uploaded. Click on the "IMG Code" text. This will AUTOMATICALLY copy the image code for you. 3.) Paste the image code into your message on the LOU Forum. The code that you paste into your message will look similar to this (but longer): That's it! Nothing to it and its very convenient and beneficial to both parties. Plus, you can use your photobucket account to post images on virtually any other message board out there. I hope this little tutorial helps and please private message me with any questions you might have. Kind regards,
  3. Zach once told me the rarest musky in the world is a 49.5" incher.... I believe this to be true as you said Smoke-N-Finn.
  4. lol I'm liking this thread already
  5. My personal best perch. Cayuga

    Nice fish - twice as wide as the pickerel as well
  6. calling all dogs

    Pretty cool stuff Todd & Ken! Love the pics Congrats!
  7. TUTORIAL - How Do I Follow Members I am Interested In? As LOU now has over 20,000 members, this will be a helpful feature in getting content from members you are most interested in. It's very simple to do so let's take a look: STEP 1: STEP 2: STEP 3: And that's all there is to it! The tutorial is meant for those on the PC or mobile site but not the LOU app. Thanks - Chad
  8. My son's personal best pike- Keuka

    Nice fish Mark - trophy
  9. Bird vs. Fish

    I thought this was just amazing film to watch and fill my winter cabin fever.... do we now need to create a top water bait that hovers 2 feet above the water? Haha
  10. Shared Father and Son's first ice fishing

    Very cool guys - nice job!
  11. Quinte monster

    Wow - that is unreal
  12. Wanted LOU Stickers

    Hi Rusty - I pinned Luke's stickers to the top of the classifeds forum. I am not sure if he is still do it or has any left but worth asking. Here is the direct link: Thanks again for the support! Chad
  13. Big Bay of Quinte walleye through the ice

    Awesome video guys! Congrats on the giant! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  14. Sorry Erin - this has sold already.
  15. Hi guys, I'm parting ways with my ice shanty to free up some room in my garage for pink bicycles and barbie dolls and princess storage for my two daughters who have taken over everything.... I'm biting the bullet on this one haha. My shanty is in perfect condition and was used very little especially with the warmer winters we had the last couple seasons (no use at all for two years). Asking $350 or best offer. Retails for $529.99 - see link below. Very warm, takes up very little space and is very easy to setup and take down. Pickup only in Greece, NY. First come, first serve. Thanks!
  16. Sorry I'm going to miss the first meeting Trevor - the weather is quickly getting really bad. Be careful driving out there for those that do go.
  17. 2017 Hunting Photo Contest- Winners!

    Very nice job with this whole thing Rob - it was awesome to watch this over the last couple months! I hope you do more of them... fishing or hunting.
  18. MI CNY Chapter 70 Club Forum

    Very cool guys - I’ll be checking regularly.
  19. Hi Rich - it is actually still available. Couple people interested but it is a long drive for them and I can't deliver it because I don't have my old truck anymore and new truck doesn't fit it - or should I say I am too lazy to take out the two car seats installed in the back row to make room for it
  20. Sent you a PM Bill - I have someone coming tonight to look at it. If deal falls through, then it's yours. Thanks again - Chad
  21. Nice rod - good luck with the sale Bob.
  22. I would but the problem is that I don't have my truck anymore and this won't fit in my new vehicle so there is no way for me to transport it.... I'm open to suggestions but the easiest option would simply be to make the drive out here I'm thinking vs. having me rent or borrow someone's truck.
  23. Hi underthefloat - I am located in Greece, NY just off Long Pond road near the lake. It didn't come with a travel cover when I purchased it brand new but I'm sure one could be bought separate if desired. Send me PM if you want to come take a look. Thanks for the interest. Chad
  24. Braddocks

    Very nice!!