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  1. Pretty cool man - thanks for sharing!
  2. I am horrible at guessing bass weights Billy. Wish I had a scale that day I think katydid is probably correct in that 6-8 lb range but your guess is better than mine
  3. Thanks guys! State launch did look fine when we used it. There was no construction and we just had to pay a six dollar fee to park the trailer there.
  4. Had a chance to fish tiger musky tournament this weekend on Conesus. No tigers but did get a chance to watch this jumbo take down my 9” musky jerkbait.. haha. Casting over 10-15 feet of water I didn’t have a scale to weigh her... just a quick picture and measurement and back she went. She was 22” long... your guess is better than mine for weight
  5. BlueEye

    New PB?

    Nice fish Dylan
  6. Looking forward to it - I haven't fished that lake in a long time so it will be nice to get back out there. Hopefully there are no bass tournaments that day...
  7. Good start to the season Adam Very healthy looking fish!
  8. until

    Gonna see if I can stop in Sunday for a quick visit
  9. Fixed - pretty cool to watch! https://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishing-hunting/page/lakeontario_map/
  10. Hi guys - Yeah very frustrating. The issue is specific to only Android devices and was caused when android forced us to upgrade app (out of my hands). Unfortunately "forced" upgrades are bad (as many of you are probably experiencing on Android). I'll continue to work with the developers to fix issues - could take a bit so please be patient. In the mean time you could simply use the web mobile version and that should work find all the time on all devices. Thanks again for the patience and sorry about the bugs in the new release - know I'm as frustrated as you with this forced upgrade. iOS/Apple app should have no issues. Chad
  11. Zach once told me the rarest musky in the world is a 49.5" incher.... I believe this to be true as you said Smoke-N-Finn.
  12. Ok, I'll start..... I picture a good fish coming up behind a lure and barely nipping the last hook just to test things out and accidentally getting lip hooked. Angler feels the weight of the fish and fights it to the boat and without fail, the first words out of their mouth once the fish is in the net...... "she just crushed it!" This cold weather has me watching too many musky videos on YouTube recently.
  13. Nice fish - twice as wide as the pickerel as well
  14. Pretty cool stuff Todd & Ken! Love the pics Congrats!
  15. TUTORIAL - How Do I Follow Members I am Interested In? As LOU now has over 20,000 members, this will be a helpful feature in getting content from members you are most interested in. It's very simple to do so let's take a look: STEP 1: STEP 2: STEP 3: And that's all there is to it! The tutorial is meant for those on the PC or mobile site but not the LOU app. Thanks - Chad
  16. I thought this was just amazing film to watch and fill my winter cabin fever.... do we now need to create a top water bait that hovers 2 feet above the water? Haha
  17. Hi Rusty - I pinned Luke's stickers to the top of the classifeds forum. I am not sure if he is still do it or has any left but worth asking. Here is the direct link: Thanks again for the support! Chad
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