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Loony Tooner

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  1. Loony Tooner

    Jim Fredenberg

    I hear ya,have seen some get out of hand on other boards and kind of ruined them. Chad I am sure, has a handle on these kinds of things. Thanks for the welcome
  2. Loony Tooner

    Rainbow Trout Lures?

    Theres a body bait from the past.AC Shinner. Great body bait. Not sure if any of the local tackle store where you are carry the Meegs line of spoons, but they work great . Hand painted in many combos. Watermelon and wonder bread are go too,s. Another is the silver fox. Great flutter spoon for those low speeds.
  3. Loony Tooner

    Jim Fredenberg

    I am new here as well and there is no place for politics on a fishing and hunting board. There is other places for that.
  4. Loony Tooner

    Loony Tooner saying HOWDY

    Thanks Decoy Hound and Chad. Right now it,s river time up here for me.Steel head and browns Hard water season is just around the corner.
  5. Loony Tooner

    Charlotte Harbor Tarpon 8/12

    Awesome fish This is at the top of my bucket list. Now when the 2nd one happens, win lottery, I,ll be fishing them.
  6. Loony Tooner

    Iowa buck

    That is a great buck. Nice harvest.
  7. Loony Tooner

    Loony Tooner saying HOWDY

    Been lurking for a bit now, (ya me bad Chad) and well,time to get on a site that seems to have EVERYTHING. Here is a bit of what I enjoy. I am no pro vid guy. I have fun with what I do.