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james fredenberg

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  1. Started boating on Lake Ontario a couple of summers ago. I can't believe it never crossed my mind to actually fish on it. I've always been a lover of the outdoors. Somehow and thankfully I survived a head on collision at the hands of a drunk driver a couple of years ago in Arizona, and it made me appreciate the beauty we live in all the more. Told my children I was going to buy a boat after the accident, and we trailered our center console boat to Sacket's Harbor this summer a few times. Pretty good success our first few times out (with a few lessons learned the hard way). My kids love the open water, and one college aged daughter in particular advises me on all matters fishing, including spoon and gear selections. As I review the posts on this forum, I really appreciate the general tone of the conversations and the willingness of the more experienced anglers to share their knowledge. Furthermore, in a time when cross border tensions are regrettably inflamed a little bit due to trade disputes etc., it appears that this forum is above all things political or economic. It seems like Americans and Canadians treat each other with total respect - the way it should be. Looking forward to perhaps meeting some of the members next summer.
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