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  1. Braid to Fluoro Splice

    Tie swivel to leader line first, then tie swivel to main line last
  2. 70hp VRO won't run once rpms are up

    How are you making out with your motor? We have just today taken my problem motor for a test run after finishing with the fix. Motor middle cylinder not firing properly. Replaced CDI box. Lots of excess gas around lower carburetors. Replaced Reed Set. Adjusted Lever Spark Advance (timing?). Adjusted idle needle. Used fresh gas. Good to go. We did a short test run because of rough water and we were satisfied with the results. Good luck with your motor. Beanstir
  3. low power 90 merc

    I have been following this as I had similar problems. Full throttle then bogs down to 15 mph. Then it was full throttle to 8 mph. Last fall I replaced the trigger assembly, there was a wire that was rotten the whole length. After installing this part it still was not working. This spring I could not get it past 8 mph. I had a marine mechanic diagnosed my engine using a cylinder leak down test. All 3 cylinders at 25 - 30%. He said the engine was done. I got a second opinion. All 3 cylinders had good compression. Replaced 3 reed sets, middle cylinder was not firing properly. replaced CDI box. Put it in the water and used fresh gas, I had old gas from last year in on-board tank. Adjusted Lever Spark Advance. Adjusted idle needle. We took it out today in real rough water for a test run. We had a great sounding and working engine at full throttle for a moment but with the rough water we could not test for long. I am going to get rid of the old gas and when the water gets calm take it for a long run. I am crossing my fingers that this fix will last long term. Beanstir
  4. Lakers

    I was going to suggest Brian make an instructional video on his set-up. But it might be easier if he invites us on his boat for an on the water lesson. I am still waiting to use his system here on Georgian Bay. Motor problems are keeping me close to boat launch. I will give a fish report when motor is up full throttle. Beanstir
  5. 70hp VRO won't run once rpms are up

    Keep going. Good luck. i am hoping you find what the problem is. Same problem here. Older 90hp Mercury. Same as you, rpm's cutting back at high speed. I have had fuel pump rebuilt, replaced fuel lines, carburetors rebuilt, replaced 3 coils, sparkplugs and wires, installed new trigger assembly. I thought the trigger assembly would be it. There was a bad wire on it. Nope same as before, worse could not even get past 7mph. Next is the stator assembly and the switchbox CDI assembly. Keep this thread going, let us know what solved the problem. Also checked the fuel for water, fuel good.