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  1. great report ,thanks Rick....what temps in the zone are you finding??
  2. A tackle store over the border on the cdn. side just hung out some kingfisher /oke "golden retriever"flashers for sale......these things were like finding hens teeth a year ago ...
  3. In the early eighties the salmon hunt contest was born in Ontario. A gentleman by the name of Dan Tomey, who owned the ontario out of doors magazine put the whole contest together..if you caught a coho it was worth 1 1/2 times its weight against a king..... fish over 40# were not uncommon..one of the first year or so of running a man and his wife in a small aluminum boat caught and netted a whopping 46+ off the mouth of the credit river..(i intend to resarch this further).im now 74 and remember us all thinking we may just one day catch one over 50..alas it never came to be...i still have a derby ticket for a 33#fish 1984, that never even got to the board. had to be 36/38 to get there...
  4. Here follows pics of lures as discussed
  5. i have been using these spoons since the eighties and are still using them today specifically the N28,N28 MAG and the C5...in my box i have a bunch of the following: 4-D,L22,L24 ,DL20,and DL 28 spoons which i have never used...can any body shed some light on their application and what were they designed for? fast or slow ..inland lakes? ...thanks
  6. interested! can you get a shipping cost to niagara falls 14304?/many thanks
  7. i did this same setup with a 21ft Grady several years ago..and yes it did work.minus the marine radio...but the battery was always charged whilst running in on the main motor ,or charged up overnight ,whilst dockside....
  8. what i do know..i almost always now run a pair of copper spoons in the spread ..these produce low and close to bottom...tip. dirtier the better .do not polish them! .. good topic!
  9. i would take those ,but could not pick up for at least a week..would that work,with a deposit?
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