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  1. 2nd lot ..miller spoons $25 shipped to 14303??
  2. i have studied the dotted spoons and the sea sick waddler,and following up with Gill-t.comment...i agree. you could make quite easily.!!!.when you punch out the dots ..make sure it is clear green material,as they also have to glow!!.
  3. Sold / Closed

    great selection of both! should not have too much trouble selling these!
  4. WTB:otter boards still looking for a pair of otter boards..anyone have some not being used?
  5. is that white one side with green dots(clear or solid?) and a silver back?
  6. hi,will take them!if you could ship them to 14303..niagara falls...will pay for shipping of course...regards
  7. i will second that !!
  8. hi, i have a 3.5hp ..4 stroke tohatsu with internal tank ..used 2 interested in some form of trade?
  9. check this out! this a case of" too little too late?"
  10. i agree the cormorant population is totally out of control!the main nesting area appears to be the spit ,under the burlington skyway,ont..there are at least a thousand birds there and in the immediate surrounding area...was thinking of maybe a couple of hungry raccoons let loose in the spring might at least slow the population explosion we are experiencing...what is wrong with our MNR??they have been stocking browns at the boat ramp in Jordan harbour for years...the very next morning literally hundreds of these birds are lining the walls...
  12. i had a similar problem! i ended up doing a temporary patch using the clear roll of patch material from bass pro!it was far stronger than i envisioned,and now it looks as its a permanent fixture!for very little $$