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  1. Hi, I have quite a few. I know there discontinued and hard to find. What do you want to pay per spoon. PM me. Thanks
  2. I will take them depending on shipping cost to 27514. Let me know. Thanks
  3. did you find the time to look thru your fishing stuff?
  4. Sorry for late reply I never saw your message till now. I stink with the computer stuff. 60.00 sounds good if your still interested in shipping them to me. Let me know sorry for delay. Thanks
  5. let me know how much shipped for the andy reekers only and how much for the manistees and the reekers combined. Thanks for the follow up. 19195999912
  6. Sounds good Send pictures. 19195999912
  7. sounds good send pictures to 19195999912
  8. Hi, I'm interested in buying VINTAGE spoons,dodgers or attractors made by Luhr Jensen or Les Davis. Some names Pt Defiance-katchmac-katchmor-LG Johnson- Canadian-Alpena Diamond-Andy Reekers-Needle fish- and many other Jensen spoons.I would listen to any VINTAGE spoon offerings of any brand casting or trolling. I fish these I'm not a collector. Please let me know what you might have. I will only pay by Paypal and except USPS shipping flat rate. Thanks I have bought a lot of spoons so far and appreciate all offers and transactions to date 6/30 still looking for more
  9. Do you have anything left to sell that you would be willing to ship. Let me know. Chris 919 3609272
  10. Paid by paypal sunday 6/16/19. Thanks
  11. Hi, would you do 30.00 paypal shipped
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