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  1. just sent you a text!
  2. still awaiting a reply ,as interested!
  3. hi,have they been apart to install new water pump impellers since removal from the salt?
  4. Spydro under water camera researching new products related to under water cameras,and what was new...i found this,and thought i would share...disclaimer:..i am in no way affiliated with this product ..
  5. for sale : usa Sold delete

    interested in a selection of 15 moonshine lures..shipped to niagara falls would you like to be paid?..regards barry
  6. Wind Turbines on Lake Ontario!

    thanks for that info...
  7. Wind Turbines on Lake Ontario!

    never mind just on the land base..if any of you ever fly over the english channel..there are huge floating barges of these things...with marker buoys to keep all boaters out....eye sore from a plane ,can only imagine up close..sacrilege!!..that will be next because they do not require real estate to sit on...
  8. WTB...Nasty Boys ..anyone have any nasty boys new or used ...surplus to their needs??
  9. WTB...NK..NBK Help looking for the Northern King...copper/green version of the mag.NBK..anyone? new or used ??
  10. for sale : usa WTB...NK..NBK

    Here is the best pic I have ..of the spoon stuck in this steelies jaw..
  11. for sale : usa WTB...NK..NBK

    thanks for that!...i have also contacted fat nancy in pulaski,as i understand they have an NK inventory of spoons. however will call that number
  12. Derr thanks Sent from my Moto G (4) using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. Sold / Closed Evil eyes $10

    can you ship to 14303 niagara falls?as interested
  14. for sale : usa Lures !

    how many nasty boys and producer spoons,also lyman lures do you have?as interested in all!
  15. Sold / Closed Scam

    im sorry you got burned!however thanks from all of us for the heads up...hope you get your $$back!what name did he go under on the forum?
  16. Sold / Closed Rods

    Buying the group of rods!!pics not necessary Sent from my Moto G (4) using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  17. Sold / Closed Rods

  18. Sold / Closed Sub Troll

    if all else falls through!i would definately take!
  19. Large sppons

    2nd lot ..miller spoons $25 shipped to 14303??
  20. i have studied the dotted spoons and the sea sick waddler,and following up with Gill-t.comment...i agree. you could make quite easily.!!!.when you punch out the dots ..make sure it is clear green material,as they also have to glow!!.
  21. Sold / Closed sold

    great selection of both! should not have too much trouble selling these!