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  1. I use 8lb. I have a small boat. Tough to judge by the angle. Fourtunitly I can see them on my sonar. I work with that.
  2. I agree. I was up there over the weekend. Only could get out one out of four days. No bites.
  3. Excellent. Enjoy and good luck fishing. I'll be up there fishing also this weekend.
  4. I'll be there Labor Day weekend. Have been staying there for years. We like it. Nothing fancy. Bob's a great guy.
  5. Sunset cabins and RV park. Ask for Bob
  6. Fish it. Might be a hot set up. Friend of mine bent his race car when he hit the wall. Handled better after that impact. Crazy but you never know.
  7. Sunset cabins and RV park. Just west of SUNY campus. Ask for Bob.
  8. I think it's about the crowd that would gather at the launch and parking lot. Saratoga Lake launch has already proven it would be packed. JMO
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