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  1. Now I wanna see the rest...lol
  2. Great tool for the musky guy who's using baits that cost $100+.
  3. That article was geared more towards huron. They are spreading from us to them. They've been here long enough now that they arent expected to take off and populate in any crazy manor. The biologist that talked about them at the NMA meeting a few years about suspected that if the population was going to blow up it would have done so already like Rudd or Gobys did.
  4. Negative. We have grass carp in Ontario as well. They arent prolific anywhere but we have them. Toronto harbor is known for the oddball catch. The Erie population is successfully spawning and whatever Erie has, so does Ontario.
  5. Did you read the article on where they figure it came from? Lake Erie.... We've had grass carp here for years. Some giants get shocked in the buffalo harbor. This pic was one of many shocked up in small boat harbor last spring. The big head carp and silver carp are the ones we are worried about.
  6. Blockades are going up quick. Olcott was blocked off today. A couple Lake Erie and finger lakes launches were also blocked that I know of. Gates were locked at Glenwood lake in Orleans county. Only time will tell how far it goes. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  7. Wow. That's no fun. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  8. Should be quick work atleast. I'll be by the booth. Gonna grab Riley Himmrich from his place and make our way up.
  9. Where are you working Frank? Thinking of coming up to Peterborough next sunday for something to do.
  10. I think predicted levels are taking into account that we have minimal snow pack up north. Leads me to believe that they are not expecting to have to reduce flows for 8 weeks to save Montreal from raging Ottawa flows again like they did in 2017 and 2019. If that's the case it will be our savior for this summer. The rest of the great lakes wont be so lucky. 2020 is going to be bad bad bad for Erie on up. No saving them.
  11. Your gonna end up in a bad situation trying to salmon fish up there in a 16 footer. Water is still at summer levels during salmon season. What if you have to chase a fish between the plants? If you want to fish devils spend the 6k. It's not worth risking your life.
  12. I used to fish it regularly with my 2001 tracker 175 with a 60hp. That being said it was a slow rough go getting under the bridge and past the plant unless it was low water levels first thing in the morning. With todays water levels you are going to be puckering up and turning back more often than not. You'd probably be fine under normal winter water levels but with the great lakes being where they are who knows when we will see those again. Also with a 60 you'll definitely have a slow go with anything more than 2 guys under any conditions. If your goal is to fish above the dams safely I'd reccomend spending the 6k.
  13. Clear water, dirty water, I've had them be smoking hot in both situations but it seems they've been best when I have schools of baitfish around. "The butcher" shower me the chinook diver tactic a few years back after using them on the yankee. They've been smoking fish for me ever since. In musky fishing we call it "the cone of disturbance theory" part of the theory is keeping baits just outside the prop wash disturbance so they keep getting knocked to the side by the wash. We've proven this to be a trigger over and over again even to the point where the rod on the kicker side will take 4 out of 5 hits at times. The other part of the theory and it really holds true in shortline musky fishing is that the prop wash is actually what's attracting these fish. These fish are used to boats and when we blast through schools of baitfish we mix up water and leave stunned and injured baitfish in our wake. These fish have learned to key in on and actually feed in the wash and pick off the easy prey. It's amazing how hot those wash rods can be even when you have the exact same baits the same distance back on a board and itll go untouched or have the same spoon on a rigger down 4 feet with a 50 ft lead and never get a sniff but the chinook back 7 is getting chowed non stop. Theres something to being right in or just outside that prop wash. For those who havent tried it, try it.
  14. Exactly so make sure to price it out both ways. My 2005 chrestliner tournament 192 was cheaper directly through boat US. My 2018 Skeeter mx1825 is cheaper through Geico. Typical insurance company BS.
  15. Geico boat insurance includes boat us on water and roadside assistance. Price it out both ways because for me it was cheaper to go through geico.
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