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  1. It tells you on this day that was the case. You'd be amazed how the graph changes when these fish get active or the river gets some color.
  2. How can any of you target muskies with line that you know is no where near bite proof? 30lb fluoro? Is that a joke? Your a guide? The only reason u haven't been bitten off is a tooth hasn't hit your line yet. If u can cut it then so can they. When a big fish finally does show up you'll never even know because she'll have swallowed your bait and cut u off before your rod even bends. Bass guys I can understand and I appreciate you atleast trying but you esox guys should know better. If your really looking for something light for small jerkbaits for esox infested waters try cortland toothy critter tieable steel. I understand there is more than 1 was to skin a cat but 30lb fluoro offers zero protection against razor blade filled mouths. I've been bitten off with 150 lb fluoro twice. I was warned by and doubted those who had more knowledge than I. I'm not saying fluoro doesn't have a place in the game but 30lb certainly doesn't. Anybody targeting muskies should always be looking for that true giant. It's not worth risking losing or even worse, killing that fish when you get bitten off due to sub par equipment.
  3. If your goal is just to kill them dead it's a great gun as long as you've got it dialed in. If your looking to minimize pelt damage its definitely not the best choice. If it's your only option and u want to try and save pelts maybe u could look for a fmj type round to minimize expansion. I used a 30.06 when I first got started years ago. It certainly got the job done. Lol
  4. 2 more down with the fox pro. Could have been an epic night if all opportunities were taken advantage of. Should be a pile of yotes laying next to those foxes. New .204 did it's job but why on earth would anyone make a trigger guard out of plastic. 1 bump against my sticks and it shattered into 4 pieces.
  5. It's not that the cyclops pred kit sold at cabelas is useless it's just that u can get so much better for the same money. U can actually get that exact same light under another name on amazon for $20 then get needed scope mounts for maybe another 20 and batteries and chargers for 15. Or u can just buy a wicked light pred kit for the same price as that cyclops and have something with 5x the quality with better everything that comes with it.
  6. 4 sets tonight with action on the 1st, 2nd and last set. 3 fox came in and 2 went down. 1st 1 of the night got a pass as I hesitated on the trigger long enough to let him find something he didn't like. All 3 came in about the 10 min mark to nutty nut hatch on the fox pro fusion.
  7. "Big" hooks start at 7/0s and go as large as 10/0s in my boat. Mustad 3551s are dull from the box but once you prep them quick with a flat file and a couple chainsaw files taped together the things get scary sharp quick. Size 7 bucher split rings are an amazing option for those not wanting to spring for spros, not going to bend them out, outside of the net anyway. Every musky angler should be proficient with a hook file and no bait should hit the drink without being checked over for razor sharp hooks. Also anybody fishing trophy waters should really consider upping your hook size to the biggest the bait can handle withoutbimpacting lure action negatively. I starting upping all my mag dawgs to at least 8/0s with pounders getting outfitted with 9s or even 10s. Same with bucktails, twin 10s get a 9/0 out back and a 7 or 8 up front anytime the fishery deserves the respect.
  8. Switch to the red. Foxes are dumb as bricks but the yotes seem to spook way more often with the green. Biggest thing is to Make sure once they are lit keep them lit and not allow thier pupils to adjust over and over. Seems that makes them spook more than anything that I've noticed. If you haven't owned it long take back that junk cyclops and order a wicked from allpredatorcalls.com far better quality and infinite adjustability. Obviously night vision is the ultimate and I'm hoping to make the transition within the next few seasons with both a monocular for scanning and scope.
  9. with all due respect. some of those years my boat has been responsible for 25% or more of those total release reports and probably even more of the percentage of jigging fish from the river. Not to mention the fish we catch jigging from both the detroit and the larry. Your advice is a bit off. You might want to stick with what you know. Just seems like that advice came from someone who doesn't actually jig much.
  10. A lot of jigging advice here. Is this first hand knowledge or just things you've heard from others? I'd disagree with a lot of this information.
  11. Favs for casting Pounder Mag dawg 10"tube (ripping) 7.5" tube (jigging) blades (10s) Mag/reg shadzilla Musky candies shallow sniper
  12. Look at the map. Should be able to break that place down in a glance. Not much to it.
  13. From canadian side launch at frenchmans and fish to miller's creek. Repeat. Cast everything in Canadian water between those 2 points. There are absolutely zero hazards/prop killers in that area.
  14. Your not kidding about the bite there being shut down. Was there 2 weeks ago and it was decent. Came back Monday for 3 days and the whole lake was shut down. I've never seen it so tough there. Water Temps had dropped 10 deg in 7 days and the bait just scatered everywhere. I found offshore temps 2 degrees higher than what I found at the normal fall hot spots. Expecting 20 fish days and struggling to put 2 or 3 in the bag each day was brutal.
  15. Just called can pass as your response had me curious. A passport is not required but is an acceptable form of id. Also acceptable is an enhanced drivers license or having both your drivers licence and birth certificate in combination.