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  1. Back them with cheap 50lb mono and then put on 150 yards of braid or so. You are never going to need 450 ft of braid musky fishing and thatll give u enough line to cut away frayed line or turn around on snags. Large spooled reels are your best choice for the torque. You are going to want it cranking in hard pulling deep diving baits. Large spooled low gear ratio reels such as okuma 45s or tekota 700s really make cranking in deep divers all day easy. That being said tekota 600s have been my go to for years.
  2. Guys who think musky fishing is about smoking weed all day and driving around impaired and forget that they are putting others at risk. Guys fishing Quebec or ontario waters without a the proper lic. Guys constantly worried about everyone else when they should be looking in the mirror. Too much musky bs not enough musky fishing.
  3. You can go months or years without caps or bearing buddies and not have a bearing fail. The grease doesnt just magically escape unless the bearing is overheating. Hell I had a duck boat that I never bothered putting caps over the castle nut and the grease always stayed put. 1 day without a cap didnt cause your bearing to fail. It failed, everything got hot and u lost your bearing buddy in the process. It happens, often.
  4. When bearing goes bad everything goes flying off little by little and the bearing cap or bearing buddy is usually the first part to get thrown. Been there a few times over the years. Some one stealing the bearing buddy wouldn't cause the bearing to go bad, that's a hell of a coincidence if that is the case. The bearing going bad would cause the bearing buddy to get tossed tho and that's my guess as to what actually happened.
  5. I think thruwire is an amazing recommendation but high quality screw eye baits like bakers or well designed plastic/resin baits like depthraiders, Jake's, believers, grandmas or perchbaits all have thier place. Legend perchbaits truly are the standard for both durability and productivity but that being said they arent a true thruwire bait. Nobody needs to spend a fortune on baits to have success on the Larry. Mike Lazarus catches his biggest fish every year on perchbaits, musky candies and depthraiders. High quality reasonably priced baits. If the goal is to catch muskies on the Larry I'd say spend the bulk of your investment on a high quality net, rod, reel and release tools and then equip yourself with proven baits that have caught giants there for years. Perchbaits, musky candies, believers, depthraiders, Jake's and jointed stalkers wont do you wrong and wont break the bank. Black perch, orange belly perch or anything walleye have always produced out there. Drop em back and set the clicker.
  6. You mentioned the importance of through wire baits twice and then listed 5 baits only 1 of which is actually true thruwire construction. Fretthold, the least proven bait of those you've listed, but the only one that is actually throughwire.
  7. Niagara county, but I do have to drive down the lake and up to clayton at some point this week if somebody wanted to meet up along the way.
  8. I have 4 brand new daiwa 40 lcha reels for sale. Bought 6 and am using 2 for wire dipseys and was going to use them for musky trolling but decided to go another route. All are brand new in box. Need $167 each to break even. Still about $40-50 below retail. Buyer pays shipping or willing to meet up on west end. Perfect wire dipsey reels imo, crazy fast at 47" per crank.
  9. Fish with good people. Continue to expand to new areas and master new tactics. Enjoy as much time on the water as possible. With that the numbers and giants will come.
  10. Had similar with my 2005 ficht 150. Was a bad fuel pump. The float in the pump was eaten away from ethanol and it would throttle up and then lose fuel and die. Afterwards fuel would dump out of the airbox. Took the top off of fuel pump to verify. Part was over 1k but I found a beat up fuel pump on Ebay for 50 and luckily enough the float was like brand new inside.
  11. Junk awful design flaw that minnkota really should issue a solution for. Lift assist is a joke that causes lots of issues with a tiny benefit. Sad u have to modify the terrova by removing the spring in the assist box or strap it down with a buggy cord to make it functional for a serious angler that isnt scared to shore by a 1' chop. No way they field tested this junk.
  12. Another thing to keep in mind is the lift assist on the new terrova models. In a decent swell the lift assist does just as it was designed to. It helps the waves lift your terrova into the air and the slams it back into place. Whatever engineer designed that awful spring loaded piece of junk needs to lose thier joh. Way to screw up a good thing. If u are unfortunate enough to have one of these new junk designed motors make sure you have a bungee chord or something on hand to strap the head down into place to keep your $2000 investment functional in the swells.
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