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  1. Guess we need to start a 2017-2018 thread. First legit set of this season was the most exciting I've ever had. What started as a double with my hand calls turned into a quad once I hit the pup distress on the fox pro. Thermal is a game changer. I stopped recording after the initial double and the rest happened to fast to remember to hit record again, but check out the double vid. Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
  2. I'd guess you were dealing with a school of longnose gar. The small taps sounds like what u feel when they attack a bait with those hard narrow mouths and they are almost impossible to get hooks into. Had this exact same scenario happen on lake amistad in Tx a few years back. Had a giant school of big longnose gar attacking deep diving cranks and got hooks into about 1 of every 20 bites. They are known for biting the line and cutting it above the bait with those needle teeth. The one that didn't float back up probably got tangled/wrapped in the fishes mouth. If you were dealing with a pike I doubt your strike would be described as a light tap but more of a violent slam followed by dissapointment as the fish stole ur bait.
  3. Had progressive the last 7 years and the 1 time I totaled a trailer in an accident up in canada they were great. They gave me 2/3 replacement value for a 2005 shorlandr trailer after I bought a brand new 2017 trailer last september before they ever seen the damage. That being said I switched everything to Geico just last month. I'm getting way more coverage and I now have towing for both trailering and while on the water in both the US and Canada for about the same price I was paying through progressive.
  4. Black boat is usually canadian RCMP. They are usually pretty cool to deal with if your stopped. Any boat can fly both flags now with the new international co-op operations. I've had us coast guard flying both flags, boarder patrol with both flags, rcmp with both flags. They either pick one of our guys up from the coast guard or boarder patrol station or we go pick up thiers. They are all nice enough if you are respectful. It is 100% fact that you no longer call to report in to canadian waters. Those days are behind us.
  5. Check out this giant from lake Amistad in tx from a few years back. We were trolling small musky baits for stripers and we found this guy. Little did we know it was a Texas state record. Lol
  6. I can't disagree. I've done very well with my savage model 25 lightweight .204 the last 2 seasons, but honestly I would have been happy building a lightweight .223 ar15 for my thermal setup. At 4000 fps nobody builds a lightweight 204 barrell because its such a hot round and this thing is a tank with the 20" bull barrell. Won't be an issue with the tripod but it's a few more pounds to lug around each set. Heres a couple pics of my .204 with wicked light setup and some pelt friendly 204 kills from last season.
  7. Yes in shotgun only zones in nys no rifles over .22 cal. During deer season .204 is a loophole centerfire round
  8. Best part about this ar is it is chambered in .204 so there will be no waiting for deer season to end so I can start going to work on them.
  9. Best part about this ar is it is chambered in .204 so there will be no waiting for deer season to end so I can start going to work on them.
  10. Ty. I'm looking foward to going all thermal this year. Although I did put a small dent in the population last season with lights, the few times I was able to use a buddies thermal gear in some of my spots the hunts went perfect and I was sold. It's a beautiful thing when they have no clue what's coming. Both my monocular and scope have built in dvrs so hopefully we can look foward to some sweet vids. Oh and I just saw another yote across the street from the house tonight. My neighbor called me up to see if I would shoot it. Lol. Looked like he was carrying part of an old deer leg or something across the field.
  11. Definitely moving like crazy here along the lake in Niagara county too. Seen 5 in this last week. I can't wait until october. I have some new toys for them this year.
  12. It tells you on this day that was the case. You'd be amazed how the graph changes when these fish get active or the river gets some color.
  13. How can any of you target muskies with line that you know is no where near bite proof? 30lb fluoro? Is that a joke? Your a guide? The only reason u haven't been bitten off is a tooth hasn't hit your line yet. If u can cut it then so can they. When a big fish finally does show up you'll never even know because she'll have swallowed your bait and cut u off before your rod even bends. Bass guys I can understand and I appreciate you atleast trying but you esox guys should know better. If your really looking for something light for small jerkbaits for esox infested waters try cortland toothy critter tieable steel. I understand there is more than 1 was to skin a cat but 30lb fluoro offers zero protection against razor blade filled mouths. I've been bitten off with 150 lb fluoro twice. I was warned by and doubted those who had more knowledge than I. I'm not saying fluoro doesn't have a place in the game but 30lb certainly doesn't. Anybody targeting muskies should always be looking for that true giant. It's not worth risking losing or even worse, killing that fish when you get bitten off due to sub par equipment.
  14. If your goal is just to kill them dead it's a great gun as long as you've got it dialed in. If your looking to minimize pelt damage its definitely not the best choice. If it's your only option and u want to try and save pelts maybe u could look for a fmj type round to minimize expansion. I used a 30.06 when I first got started years ago. It certainly got the job done. Lol