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  1. So you do have a large ground from the battery to the engine block?
  2. Check to make sure you have a HEAVY ground from the battery to the engine block. We replaced a 4.3 in our boat last week. Starter did the same thing "CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK". We didn't have the large ground going from the battery to the block.
  3. Is it straight across the back where it would meet the transom or does it have a slight "bow/arc"? It looks straight but want to make sure.
  4. Can't help you much there Tim beyond what has been talked about already. If you have an HDS Lowrance you can purchase their AP for $1000 for JUST the kicker but you won't have throttle control also. I went with the new Garmin Reactor 40 but it was $2600.
  5. We ran a completely separate line from the tank to the kicker. It doesn't have a water separator on it but hasn't been a problem yet.
  6. Terrible business plan there. How many people would pay $1000 for autopilot? Probably a ton. How many people will pay $2000 for the fish finder to run it? Not many. The rep on the phone basically said that's why it's only offered on the HDS "There has to be a reason for people to buy it over the Elite." After hearing that and waiting on the phone for as long as I did to speak to two people that wouldn't know a walleye from a trout. I'm going to hope I don't have any tech questions for this Elite Ti and from now on go with a different brand.
  7. Well that solves that. First of all it took me an hour and a half to speak to someone I understood. The first guy didnt know that a mercury 9.9 kicker was an outboard engine. The second guy didnt know lowrance had autopilot for outboards. The third guy finally told me that only HDS ff will control the auto pilot. At Garmin I had an English speaking American on the phone within 1 minute that has actually installed and ran their autopilot. Garmin it is.
  8. Thank you for the tips. I'm researching the trollmaster now. Looks like most people like itroll better. I have no experience with either. I just know I HATE having to try to fine tune the speed with the tiller handle.
  9. Dang you. Now I'm going to have to call Lowrance tomorrow and see exactly what they have. It would be nice to save $1000.
  10. Glad there's a few options out there. Wish the lowrance had throttle control. It only works with an HDS? Their website listed Elite Ti/Ti2, carbon and Live also. Either way I think the Reactor 40 kicker is the way to go for me. Might have to fabricate some sort of larger rudder for those rougher days.
  11. Ok. That's good to know. When you say S.O.L. if you go to another area, you mean just for "shared" SonarChart Live right? If I decide to go to Lake O and go after some trout in a couple years then the original Navionics + card that I have will still give me the 1' contour lines on my screen for the original $200 right. It just won't be updated from everyones live sonar correct?
  12. Its close. I think I'll stick with the Garmin just because it doesn't use hydraulics and mostly because it has throttle control on the remote. I do like how I could run the Lowrance right through my screen but the Garmin comes with a screen too. I better just get the engine put back in the boat and make sure its going to move and float first. LOL.
  13. Of those I really wouldn't want to lose SonarChart Live. So would I lose all the data that I have recorded in the first free year if I let my subscription run out?
  14. So it is basically like Garmins older TR1 Gold? It has it's own hydraulic pump or does it have to work with the boats main engine?
  15. Their website says it works with the Elite Ti/Ti2, HDS 3, Carbon, and live. It doesn't however say if it works for just a kicker. It says outboard cable steer and outboard Hydraulic steer. My kicker is neither. It is a tiller.
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