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  1. I just bought it brand new from FishUSA but I guess it's possible. When you bring yours up does it say something about max depth?
  2. Thanks for the link but it doesn't help at all. I hit "start", waited for "Ready" to flash, ran it down my dipsy, then retrieved it and scrolled through "view". Nowhere did I see where it recorded the max depth it went. It scrolled clear to 100' and gave temp readings at each 5' increment with the temp dropping at each one. I was only in 60' of water and I didn't hit bottom so it had to be less than 60' max.
  3. So I tried out the Fishhawk TD last weekend. Put out a slider and attached the TD. After 20 minutes or so we bring it back in and hit "view" like it said to do and keep hitting "view, view, view, view," etc. It reads "5' x temp, 10' x temp, 15' x temp" etc. clear to 100'. (I don't remember the temps but its not important.) The problem is we were in 60' of water. Isn't it supposed to stop reading at the total depth? Like 5', 10', 15'........and stop taking readings at say 55' because that is as deep as it went?
  4. I found a good mix of tips on Amazon but you just get SOOOO many you'd never use. I guess I'll just mic them and order from there.
  5. Need a few tip replacements. What diameter in mm are most trolling/dipsy/downrigger rods? Diawa Wilderness, Okuma classics, etc.
  6. Understood Off the Hook, I started this thread because I've never had a "chart" on anything else be this far off. If only there was a small something rather that we could attach and have is show up on our fish finders like our downriggers do. But not for $2000 BTW. lol.
  7. Just ordered the Fish Hawk TD and the ring/weight kits for the slide divers.
  8. Care to share some numbers on 1 and 3 settings with no ring?
  9. I would think if they tend to run a bit shallower than a normal #1 dipsy (because they are the same size but the "drag/lure" is attacted to a higher point pulling down on the back of the slide diver) then I would want to go to subtract 1/2 a setting instead of add since subtracting 1/2 a setting would make it dive deeper. Also it seems to me the fish hawk would effect the dive chart on a dipsy just by being attached to the line. Apparently not enough to make a difference?
  10. So you're saying a slide diver on setting 1.5 with no ring is approximately 50' down with 123' of line out? 178' of line out to get to 50' on a setting 3.5?
  11. I'm quite familiar with dipsys but I picked up 4 slide divers and gave them a try this weekend for lakers on lake Erie. The charts are WAY OFF! I ended up switching back to magnums because according to the chart with no ring (they don't come with one) is 35'. We were fishing 60'-70' so I switched out 3 to Magnum regular divers and kept one on a setting 3 back 140 with 20# powerpro. We work over a hump at 55' and hit bottom. I understand current, speed and lure can effect the depth but we were running 2.2-2.4 mph and a magnum spoon (nothing out of the ordinary that would have a huge impact). Chart was over 20' off. Does anyone have some real depth figures for a 1 and 3 setting? I'd love to use these for walleye if I can get some accurate depths. I have the full version of the precision trolling app but they are not on there yet.
  12. Got them in the mail. They seems to work as they were meant. Never used Sam's though so we'll see how it goes.
  13. Yes....Zam's. I currently use rubberbands on the front of my inlines to release but wanted to try "Russel's" Sam's pro release method. FishUSA has been on backorder for about a year so I went to Ebay. Found these "knock off" Zam's pro release. Anybody try them yet?
  14. 2 New Spypoint Link Micro cell cameras. 2 used Spypoint Link Micro cell cameras. (Still in the woods sending pics). 8 months old and on original batteries. 1 New never used Spypoint Long range antenna. 1 New Universal Antenna. The 2 Cameras that are used work perfectly. Our property drops down into a swamp/valley and has no service so we're going to go with the cuddelink system. 4 Class 10 16gb SD cards also included. $400 TYD Much easier to contact me by text. 814-671-5131
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