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wicked walleye

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  1. wicked walleye

    Sold / Closed Chatterstix

  2. wicked walleye

    Sold / Closed Chatterstix

    I just checked. They do not have writing on the blade. They are brand new. I took them all out of their packages so I could store them easier. The package said Z-man on them. Not sure if that company was the original or bought out.
  3. I have a 15 Z-man chatterstix in 4" and 5", Perch and Blue/chrome. $36 TYD. Top left and bottom right.
  4. wicked walleye

    for sale : usa ISO Rod holders

    Still looking. I'd like 4 Cannon Dual axis holders if anyone has a lead on some. I'd consider others but i like the Cannons.
  5. Purchased a fixer upper 21' walkaround. Need some rod holders. I'm thinking 2 ratcheting on each side for dipseys and then 3 straight mounts on each side for boards. I can probably make my own for the boards unless someone has a great deal. I'd like some nice ones for the dipseys though.
  6. wicked walleye

    4.3 l omc rebuild

    I have three 4.3 OMC engines that have cracked blocks. I sold the intakes off two of them and the exhaust manifolds on all three are cracked but lots of other parts left over. If you want a bunch of spare parts I'll make you a great deal.
  7. wicked walleye

    Iso. 4.3 mercruiser complete with manifilds

    PAP. I actually got 3 engines with the boat. Every one has a cracked block. Ready or Knot I've managed to find four 4.3 complete engines all for under $1000. I'd love to have a new one but to spend and extra $2000 just isn't worth it to me.
  8. wicked walleye

    Iso. 4.3 mercruiser complete with manifilds

    I really cant even make an offer without insulting you. I just cant justify that much into a 25 year old boat.
  9. wicked walleye

    Iso. 4.3 mercruiser complete with manifilds

  10. Bought a boat with a blown 4.3. At least 1 manifold is cracked. Would like to find a complete used one. My boat is a 93 dixie 821.
  11. Is that a 4 stroke or 2 stroke?
  12. wicked walleye


    I see in another thread you have the ev100. Dont you have to have your big motor running in order for the power steering to work?
  13. wicked walleye


    I just picked up a 1993 dixie 821 that needs an engine replacement. Anyway. Once that is done I'd like to put autopilot on it. It will have a 4.3 with a 9.9 4 stroke kicker. I had a quest 267 with a raymarine auto pilot, I dont remember the model but it had +1,-1,+10,-10 inputs with was a VERY nice feature. What is out there now? I'm only interested in using it for trolling with the 9.9 and I'm NOT interested in top of the line $4000 unit. Just a solid performing unit that will keep my boat on course while trolling.