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  1. Just purchased a pair of older Cannon Magnum 10a for mainly Lakers this spring out of pa waters. I don't have any weights yet and I've been looking at either torpedoes or fish shaped weights in 10 or 12 lb. Anyways these Zwings keep popping up on my FB ads. Looks like that would be the ticket. Only 3.5lbs and supposedly less blow back. Basically a giant cool shaped dipsy from what I can tell. Anybody ever use them. I can't really find anything about them other that reviews on amazon that I don't trust.
  2. So if I would have revved the boat up it would have perhaps pumped it through the system better or would it also have to be in gear and revved up? Again, it's definately NOT how I'm going to rely on winterizing I was just basically curious as to if that impeller was working properly. I already ordered a new kit to install here pretty soon.
  3. I'm kinda hoping the same thing. Normally I'd do what you did and drain first then fill. This is the first winter with this boat and I just wanted to see how much made it up through the engine with just pouring in through the outdrive. Got my answer. I was just surprised which made me think something was wrong.
  4. I think we're on the wrong page. I drained the entire engine when I winterized it. I drained the manifolds (heat exchanger) directly after I ran antifreeze through the out drive. I was expecting to see antifreeze come out of the heat exchangers after I ran antifreeze through the outdrive. That's where the heat exchangers and manifolds get there cold water from the lake from right?
  5. It wasn't a question of if I winterized it correctly. I know I did that. Thinking about putting the boat back in the garage "heated" and getting prepared for the season. My question was after 2 (actually I think it was 3) gallons of antifreeze I would have thought there would have been some sort of sign of it in my manifolds (heat exchangers) when I drained them. Again, I pulled the thermostat out so I was sure it would be an "open" system. My only guess is that my impeller is getting weak and didn't pump it up through the whole block. Even though it came out the exhaust isn't there a bypass at low RPM that allows water to circulate from the intake on the outdrive right back out the center of the propeller without actually being pumped up through the engine? Never had any overheating issues on the water last year. I was just expecting to have antifreeze in my manifolds when I drained them.
  6. I winterized my 4.3 I/O Alpha one last fall. While in the garage I took the thermostat out and put the "cap" back on so that I was positive that it was open. Next I connected the ears to my outdrive with a hose to a funnel. I had my buddy start the boat and I poured two gallons of antifreeze down the funnel until it was pouring red out the exhaust so I figured it made it through the whole system. I then pulled the plugs on my exhaust manifolds "expecting to see antifreeze" but pure lake water poured out NOTHING with a red or pink tint whatsoever. Is this normal or does it sound like that impeller in the outdrive needs attention? I thought that the antifreeze should have pumped through the whole system.
  7. Dixie Bluefin 821 4.3 Mercruiser with 9.9 fourstroke mercury kicker. Garmin Reactor 40 kicker autopilot. Had it strip one part that was covered under warranty. Love it .
  8. Came on a boat I bought and I took it off. I put power to it and the fish finder 525 powers up but the screen doesn't come on. Could be a wire or something simple could need the screen repaired. Comes with the transducer. Willing to trade for just about anything, let me know what you have. Or $100 for everything. The FF525 is $270 alone new.
  9. He apparently knew he wouldn't have a leg to stand on with the warranty voiding if I didn't retract so he text me and said he would stand behind the engine so I contacted the BBB and considered the complaint "resolved". Obviously won't be doing business with him again. It's just a shame you have to get EVERYTHING in writing anymore. People just don't feel the need to stand behind their word unless they get caught with it in writing.
  10. The Lowrance Elite Ti2 setup would be under $1500. That would include Totalscan transducer. Read up on it. I'd like to tell you I love mine but I just put it in the boat and have to send it back to lowrance because it's reading .2-1.8 MPH while sitting at the dock. I'm sure it's not the norm and I just got a lemon. The Elite series has a lot of features for the price. Mine is also a Ti not a Ti2.
  11. Just a little update. I told him once the BBB was done doing their thing I was taking him to the local magistrate. He got right back to me and said he would send $200 for compensation. Even though through no fault of mine it has cost me months of delays and more cash than that I took the deal. It was easier than going through all the headache of the local magistrate. Once he responded to the BBB I could respond with an "issue has been resolved". OK. So yesterday he calls me and asks if I got the engine running, hows the oil pressure, is it quiet. I said it is running but only revs to 2800 and that I believe the wrong prop is on the boat or I need a new fuel pump but other than that I think it sounds ok. Then he says he just got notified that I filed a complaint through the BBB and that if I didn't retract my complaint that he was voiding the warranty on the engine. I said that as soon as he responded to the BBB that they will contact me and that I would list the complaint as resolved. At 1:00 in the morning I get a text saying I had 24 hours to contact the BBB or he was voiding my warranty and that he recorded our call with me saying that the engine was running and that it had oil pressure. I really don't care that he recorded it (even though it is illegal to record a conversation in Pa without both parties consent). I don't however like being blackmailed to lose my warranty if I don't contact the BBB in 24 hours. I told him that and he responded that he didn't need me to because i text him that i would and he was taking that to the BBB so he doesn't need me anymore and that my warranty was officially voided. lol Again "Industrial Engine and machine" Canton Oh. Jeff is the guys name. Businesses like his are why the BBB is here. To protect buyers from losing money to shady businesses.
  12. Here's the port manifold that he said he pressure tested and was good. lol Just got the starboard off yesterday and it was just as bad.
  13. I sent pics of the manifolds and he finally responded "Guess what buy some manifolds". I "reminded" him that I had in writing that the manifolds were to be good and that after the BBB was done doing their thing I was going to the local magistrate. He reconsidered and sent me $200. Even though the starter and thermostat housing cost almost that at least its some compensation and I won't obviously have to deal with him again.
  14. Lol. Yeah. I'm a single father. I'm quite familiar with how "different" judges can be. At least this time I'm not up against a mother. Lol
  15. Thanks, That's what I thought. I didn't know I could request fuel cost though.
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